On claiming that the survival of the fittest is the evolution and the understanding as we perceive!

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Many years have gone since Darwin wrote the famous book about the history of the species, and why we are seeing what we are seeing at earth! There is much to learn and to be engaged with, and we can fill up the universities about our experiences in human nature and in nature!

You and I must be adaptable in life, and this is the way to go through all the possible ski guards that you can imagine in people’s mind and perception. But we shall love the life when being there, and we should try to make life even more pleasant for more people. You know, all these statements from The White House are valuable, and we should listen to them, but we are all engaged with life, and making it even better from time to time, and not getting it worser.

The survival of the fittest is about two things: The first is the evolution in the world, and why we are stated as we are stated. And the second thing is the natural selection at earth, and natural selection was first used of Herbert Spencer in 1864, and it was more used of Charles Darwin from 1868.

How do we perceive these things going on in nature? In a habitat there are red bugs and green bugs. The birds prefer the taste of the red bugs, so soon there are many green bugs and few red bugs. The green bugs reproduce and make more green bugs and eventually there are no more red bugs. Accordingly some species will disappear from the earth, since they are weak. And the strongest species will survive, and we will find offspring and mutations on the earth. And even the world today, is just the use of concepts, such for instance as brand development in a digital world. But we should instead find the causes, the processes and the effects on earth, and we should ask ourselves why we are seeing the developments and the trends as we really are!

So, what is really life for anybody? We are all living as gurus in our lives, with the genes that we carry with us and which come within the generations. Hence, any generational account is about you and me. We should structure life to make goodness of fit, and we should organize and explain the reality just with the people we are loving most, and with our families and our friends. We are just friends of the earth, unless there is competition!

So, we are just using our perception eyes in reality, and what I see is the same as you see! But we cannot do all things to all times, but we should make choices either these are reflected or not reflected. Find many people to love in life, and there are plenty of opinions about what things have been, what they really are, and how we go further in the future. And there is always fights about being in life, and the species that are are most fittest will survive nicely. And we can use the discoveries and analysis of all kinds, to find cognition and knowledges about this. And our eyes and our brains are the best things we can use to explain life, and to speculate about how things are, and why they have been as they are. And religions are not something strange in our lives, since we do not know all things in sciences, but religions are about static and dynamic beliefs together with our elicitation about things and structures and organizations and states in the world. Be an eager person to learn in life, and be the first to know and to love the people you are knowing! That is the breaking news in our places and in our homes.

Life is also about the food chains that we learn in theory and in practice, and human biology and animal biology is about understanding what we perceive in our minds! Try to be the best places in the world, and if you are not in the best universities, so be calm and learn what you should master in life!

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