How the perception with the brain sees borders when there are none; Some are responsible for the beliefs, if they are wrong!

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You know, you should not make more enemies in life, when that is not sensible. So, the study of the brain is something we never can forget, and the brain is given directions for the body, and what happens in life. And the life is both serious and funny! And we should be open for doing the same things as before, and also for doing new things.

We should be as clever as we want, and we should build the environments in constructive ways, and therefore we should not blame anyone for anything, but we should be friends with our friends, and also with the families being involved.

So, the beliefs, that is something we put into our brains, and that implies that we are thinking about some religious, and some behavior being done in the businesses, the firms and the shops. So, beliefs are something with our heads, and we are believing different things about God and Jesus Christ, and we are using beliefs in the ordinary life, when being there to perceive and to be perceived. And therefore, beliefs are not just things we are having in the churches, but they are important there, and the religions are trying to explain all the human natures in the nature, and when being a part of the big universe where we find infinity!

So, the brain is depending on what happens several places, and the brain is smaller if there are too much trouble in our growing up, and we are always depending on our parents, what they mean, and which perspectives and opinion they have about life, and we should always accept and respect that. But research shows that if the parents are screaming too much on the children when being small, and they are restricting the behavior, this means that the brain is getting smaller. So, we should be careful with our experiments when learning people about what to do in life, and why ones should behave as they should. And there are none borders in the mind when shaping and reshaping the brain as much as we can, and therefore there is freedom, diversity and precision in life. So, we should not make borders for the children, if this is not sensible, and we should tell the children about all the opportunities, and what should be the framing from situation to situation, and why things are as they are. And sometimes, we are getting frustrated, since the adult people and the older people are telling us something, and sometimes there are speculations, and myths are something we have in several areas, but we should never forget where we are coming from. You know, if the beliefs are not correct, we need research and studies to tell people about what to do, and what is the situation in different people’s lives.

So, we are saying to the students and the employees in the business schools, colleges and universities that there are none borders about what to do, and why, and this is because there is freedom in life, and that we should make choices in life, and otherwise there are all things or nothing. And hence, we cannot make anything in life, unless we are using our times and that we make reflected and good choices, but sometimes the choices can be stupid and wrong.

What should we do in the schools and the churches to operate things as smart as possible? We should learn the books and the literature, and in addition we should be normal in life, as all other people. But we cannot be too naive and too nerdy, and we should be engaged with learning things, and do things in the organizations as good as we can, regardless of which organization we are within from time to time. And we should always use our brains and our philosophy, and we should use our knowledges and talents to know what to do. Some are responsible for creating the beliefs, and we should use the question why about things, and we should use our competence about what to do.

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