From the cradle to the grave; How life is moving back and forth, and being alive in the present today!

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We are always babies, we are just in another development, and a new way of understanding life. And sometimes life is just boring, and we are just copies of everybody else, and that is not exciting!

We are learning through the whole life, and we are using stimulus and we are using our organism to get a known or unknown responses. And sometimes we are just doing as our expectations are telling us, and sometimes we are using what we know, and sometimes we are doing new things. We are not just crying through the whole life as a baby, but we are doing things as we just explore, and hence we are babies in the life, but we cannot just standardize things in life, since there is happening new and innovative things in addition. We cannot get the best beverages, if we do not be open-minded and having research and development with it. And we can always be the BEST of every people in the life, and in schools we should be as good as possible, and we should manage to cope with theories, methods and data, and variations of these things are just in studies in all levels. But we should try to do the best in the schools in life, and the schools should not be filled with too much practice, because we should learn theory and how to think in different courses. And we are the best version of ourselves, if we are doing the best performances.

So, what is our bodies as they really are? We should moss all resistance in schools, and there are different ways of specialization, and something has more status and respect than anything else. But we should use our talents and our gifts in life, and we should not be attracted too much of the gurus, since we can be the gurus ourselves, and since we can be better in different ways both orally and in written contexts.

So, should we respect any dissertation from any school in life? No, we should not. This is just written combinations and variations about everything to think about and to write about. And sports are lovely, being engaged with what to do, and doing it properly. But we are just playing in the playground all the life, and what we are doing is just playing with the thoughts, and we can do everything we want, if it ls legal. And sexuality is the strong force through the whole life, but we should be careful and listen to what people are telling about it. And if the devil forces were dead, we should think in new and constructive ways, otherwise we have to give a damn. And we should win the academic competitions, otherwise we are losers. And we cannot from any competition without winning it, at least in many disciplines, and we are just here to win what we can and imagine. But we cannot be good in anything thinkable, so we must use our talents and be good in some specializations where we are doing our choices. And competence is not a static force, but we are developing it through the whole life, and competence is therefore a dynamic force, and we should use ourselves to form the environments, and to do new and innvative things of everything that can happen!

We should not respect any degree in schools, because if we are doing things in international environments, we are ignoring the things not being the BEST quality of everything that is happening, and we should always go at the best schools, and Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Yale are always attractive schools, and we are babies and learning bodies through all the studies, and all the research efforts everywhere. And we are breathing and moving, and saying and writing different things, and we cannot be otherwise than being a human as the humans are.

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