Brand extensions, brand reductions and holding the status quo in branding: Using brand associations to create and strengthen the brands in the markets, and having this instance of categorization!

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We can do many new things in the established and the new markets. And much is to be done to get more satisfaction among the consumers. Cash is king, and therefore the consumers have perhaps the largest power in the market. And power is about social relations, and who persons are deciding and determining for other people. And power can be free, or it can be coercive. The best thing is when the consumers feel that their beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions are defendable in the markets, and when the consumers really determine what is going to happen, and which shops, petrol stations and businesses that deserve to be sustainable in the markets. The main point is to be friendly and specifically set in the markets.

Markets have either brand or they have none brands, or they have a combination of these. The product is in focus, since it is really the product that is the core in marketing management. And we are seeking satisfaction in the markets, and as firms we are using the 4 Ps as the Product, the Place, the Price and the Promotion to get the effects that we want.

And when we have brands, we can make extensions in the range of brands, or we can reduce the brands that we have, or we can just hold the number of brands constant in the market. And we have evoked set among brands and products, and this set is just what we think about and what we choose when making decisions in the markets. Evoked set is the set with the brands that is available, and we are using these brands to categorize ourselves and our choices in the parnassus of an infinity of choices, or a situation where we make choices among all what we can know and what we cannot know about the brands and products that should be chosen in a specific buying behavior.

We should create brands, and we should strengthen established brands and new brands. And developing strong brands is what we wish in the markets, and we should make associations in the markets due to people’s brain content and experiences with brands from before. And associations can be suitable, good or wrong, and there is often a point in the markets to say the right things at the right places, and not do anything that seems strange and stupid.

So, the range of brands can be extended, it can be held constantly, or we can reduce the brands. And everything has with the AIDA-model to do, and with profitability in the long run. We should also have market orientation in the markets, and that means that things that are happening internal in organizations and external in the markets, should be market information, and there should be diffusion of market knowledge in the markets, in such ways that producers and consumers make the right and defendable choices. And AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, and hence the buying behavior is what we want to accomplish in the markets, either these markets are at home or they are abroad.

So, why is evoked set of brands an instance of categorization? Because, brands in the markets are either similar to each other, or they are different, and we are doing our efforts in the markets when trying to understand the relevant brand in the market in relation to many earlier knowledges and experiences in life. We must know what to know now, and we must know what we did in the past, and we must try to predict the knowhow in the future. And research is a new search of something, and we must ask ourselves what this is, where it comes from, when it happens or happened, why the brands are as they are, how the brands are functioning, and what should be expected of brand behavior in the present and in the future when coming to concepts, measuring and strategies in daily life. But what we are doing and why can be investigated, and we should do reflected choices, although we sometimes can be stupid, to dwell with what did happen and how should it be explained!

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