A brief history of philosophy through all times: What should be learned for anyone?

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We should know the human nature, and we should reflect and think about David Hume and the treaties of human nature. And we cannot come any ways with our opinions, since we need competence and learning when we are acting, feeling and thinking!

What is the philosophy of history through all the philosophers through all times? What should humans do in different countries? First, we need deontology in all sciences, and that means that competent humans should instruct other people what to do. We must use authority, and we should need when something is opinions, and that we are getting bad consequences. We should do right things in societies, and not bad things. Deontology is about moral, obligation, duties, and the things that humans can do. And we should know about human fluorishing, and what is good or bad, and why our statements cannot be used in many organizations since we need competence from universities and business schools to move forward in societies. And we should have the BEST schools, if we are able and capable of it. And we cannot just use opinions of different kinds to move in organizations, and we should be skeptical to what religions can do in addition. We should work if we are not ill.

What other things in relation to etichs are relevant to use as philosophical issues in the socieities where we are? We should not have any advice and help from anyone, but societies are individual, and we should kick away people that we do not like. And the messages in the newspapers should not be too much in our attention, but we should move forward in life. And competence should be used, and we should be social, but we cannot state ourselves to the best positions, since we need to be competent, and because not everybody is qualified to different positions.

What should be thought about in societies? We should appreciate freedom in all the manners that humans can operate within, and some are known today, and some are unknown. And try to define tomorrow rather different and in new ways, maybe better ways, because we cannot state how life should be, since this is standing in the books and in the journals at the highest level.

We should make protests on people making the life as good as possible unless there is competence for it. Nowadays, we are using the competence in our diversified lives, and we should operate with precision and with thinking in our diversity in many societies. And culture and wealth of nations are important factors for moving a society forward, and we must manage ourselves in life, and we do not need all the impacts from different angles in societies. But we should have good jobs, and we should earn money and do good things.

Many philosophers have through all the times that the earth has been there, tried to define and to explain what life is, and what should be learned in different places. Kant and Hegel and Spinoza are maybe the best philosophers in the history of the world, and we should form our lives ourselves, and we should not have any opinion from any angle. And learning, cogntions, emotions and actions are the ways we are operating as humans, and we cannot deny competence, if we have none competence. And learning is about having more knowledges today and tomorrow in relation to yesterday! And what we know, implies how we are. And sometimes we can be in situations when not knowing anything. And we can write and talk with the dialogues that we are using, and that we choose. Life is choices!

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