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RE: Why should I post my content on Hive?

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I'm almost scared to comment as I'm fast becoming the Hive (and formerly Steemit), curmudgeon. The thing is, someone has to be the individual that says: "Hey, hang on a minute........"

It's a great idea that everything is fluffy in the garden, but the reality is a whole different kettle of fish. Back in the days of Steem/Steemit when 'The Devs' implemented Hardfork 21 the krill such as myself were set to lose out big time, and yet those who could pretty much guarantee a half decent reward for three sentences and a picture of a unicorn blowing a rainbow out its bum were all set to rake it in. I and many others complained all to no avail hence, it begs the question that while I may well own my content, I have no influence unless, of course, I own 20 Billion Hive.
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I think Hive has several problems; it wants people to ramp out 'Good content' which in itself is pretty tricky because it takes time to produce a quality piece of work. For some, there's a temptation to churn out pulp fiction in an attempt to 'keep up' while there are those who subscribe to the school of thought "Stack em high, sell em cheap." it doesn't matter what you post so long as you post something every hour or half-hour because $0.15 here and $1.20 there soon mounts up. Then there's all the other stuff you have to wade through such as multiple accounts, voting bots and cliques that you have to contend with. And don't even get me started on Voting and Rewards. 🤣
Good content is subjective, for example, I'm not a massive fan of these I travel the World type posts especially when it's obvious the author was Comped at the hotel, resort or restaurant to write an enthusiastic review.

All of this doesn't address the reasons why the uptake of Hive is so slow. I for one am genuinely gobsmacked that a lot more of my fellow FOSS contemporaries are not flocking to it, I suspect the reason is relatively simple, there's not enough of them on Hive! Like most things in life, two or three people interested in something and its all "Meh" ten or twenty people and "Ooh, that looks interesting." The thing is we need to stop talking about Hive on Hive people need to get out there on Social Media, and not just Twitter and Facebook either, and evangelise the benefits of joining the Hive community.


P.S. Have you any idea how long it took me to write that and check it? ROTFLMAO

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