Finally finished it

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Created by me using Pigment app

The hair took forever


I finally finished this picture that I was coloring and editing in the Pigment app and the Glitchè app. When I was coloring it, I wanted her to have very colorful hair just like my wife. So the hair took a very long time to do because I was adjusting all the different colors and shading the strands.


Created by me using Pigment app

This was the original image when I was done coloring it in Pigment and before I brought it into the Glitchè app to add some different effects.


Created by me using Pigment app

I thought this mirror effect looked pretty cool with the image. I am in the process of creating a few more pictures. Hopefully I can find some time between playing with my new Xbox to finish them.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my work. You are awesome.


Great piece man. I really appreciate the intricate detail and work involved to give that hair its depth and vividness. I like both styles too. The first blur effect one probably more since it has the feel of

Enter The Void

I love that movie!

What a good image you have edited bro! At some point I'll dare to make some images, I still have to learn a lot about editing and all that stuff, but I'll keep on trying hard in practice. It won't be long now before I can go home, be with my family and get my beautiful computer back. My spirits will be high at that moment and I know that I may be able to achieve what I set out to do. Hey! Another thing... I already started my savings account in HIVE, someday I will have what I need to buy some of the consoles of the moment ;) Thank you for your contribution, my friend... Always a pleasure to visit your blog!

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