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Hi everyone,
I’m Demilade Omidiran. I’m Nigerian and from the Yoruba tribe. I’m also from Osun state in Nigeria however, I stay in Ibadan.

I’m a medical doctor currently running my housemanship program in a teaching hospital but I haven’t decided where I want to specialize yet😬.
I like to see great art, I draw once in a while myself, I like really good music too.

I listen to any type of music as long as it’s good (crazy right ?) I once learnt to play the guitar and I know one or two things about playing it . I caught an eye for photography while I was in med school and although the stress
of med school was overwhelming, I somehow found a way to fit it into my schedule, so you can say I’m a photographer too.


I like sports a lot and my main focus is football( I support Manchester United, the greatest club 🤪). I also play football in my free time.
I’m mostly reserved and I Decided to join hive upon referral from my friend @bhoa so the world can see things from my view. I hope my time here would be really fulfilling and I hope I get to meet the numerous great minds on this platform.


Hi Demilade. Welcome to hive. Glad to have you join us onboard. Nice introductory post. Nice to know you are a Doctor and a photographer. Great heeding to the invite from from your friend. I trust you will have an awesome time here.

I believe you just joined the best decentralized blogging social platform on the web. First of, I will recommend you join certain communities that interest you over here. We have a lot, you check out them here. In there you get to meet interesting personality where you get to interact and make new friends. Do well subscribe to has many that interest you.

It is worthy to let you understand that, there are certain guidelines and rules that governs this platform and ensure that things work as it ought to be. Do well to ensure to take a look at this You can take some time to your and navigate the platform to get a hang of modus operandi.

Hope to seeing you visit here more often and looking forward to reading from interesting contents I wish you have a pleasant time here. Enjoy your stay over here and hope you find here to become a home for you like it is for me. Welcome once more.

Thank you, i really appreciate this

Thank you so much for this information

My pleasure man. Wish you an awesome time here

Hello @d1homid! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome!

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Welcome, you sure have a lot of hobbies and things to talk about so if you make an effort to get to know people, you will do great here. Glad to have you

Thank you so much

Welcome to Hive @d1homid! 😀 I believe every person who has found themselves working in the medical field during these times are heroes for staying strong, and it's also amazing how you're artistically talented as well! 😄 May you enjoy your journey into the communities here, cheers!
D.Buzz is a great place for you to freely express what you want with our microblogging platform. Feel free to make an introduction post and let the community know who you are. 🐝

Glad to have around @d1homid. Medical doctor and having time to draw wow that a great talent. Welcome bro.

Thank you

Welcome to Hive 🖐🏼

Welcome on board, you will surely have an amazing experience and you will be glad you made this decision.

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