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RE: Smart Watch: Modern Slavery & The Road To Sovereignty...

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But, I’ve also seen counterculture go too far in opposition, such that we’ve responded to the bullshit with too much bullshit of our own.

For this reason, and the fact that I realised I was suffering a severe case of confirmation bias, is why I finally left all that conspiracy BS behind.

Almost every theory that propagates, needs you to ignore a whole load of evidence in order for it to make any kind of sense, with flat earth being the most extreme example of that.

I think words like slavery are very unambiguous, a slave is someone who has zero choice in which the direction of their life goes. So for someone to suggest that an Apple Watch makes the wearer a slave is laughable, because apart from not buying the thing in the first place, they can always just take it off!




Those first two sentences exemplify such a great deal of wisdom and maturity that alone represent a graduation in consciousness well-deserving of commemoration. 🙏💖