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RE: Analog dates and cradle cats

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To give up the phone when spending time with a loved one is a must. I think it shows maturity and self control. Too many people are hooked on their phones just like drug addicts. They miss the whole point of time spent together: closeness, joy, emotion. It's valuable nowadays to meet someone willing to give up those plastic bricks for genuine connection. Parents trully need that because kids deserve all the quality time in the world. I often think how would it be to just take 1 to 2 weeks off without the phone and just enjoy the simplicity of human connection, of sincere dialogue, of interesting witty conversations. We people need more of that.


I have found that going "phoneless" alone is good exercise too. I wonder how many random relationships are missed while people stare down instead of talk to the person next to them on the bus.

Oh yes! Spot on! I value so much a genuine conversation, a time one on one. Plastic bricks don't love you, people do. We need a detox from technology in order to really appreciate what matters: the person sitting next to us, the space in between that we can fill with conversation, affection, caring, love.