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RE: EUC VLOG #001 Discussing video podcast opportunities within the Hive community!

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Only you can be cool enough to start a vlog with no idea about what to talk about and be spontane and pull that off. It is nice to hear the free thinking speech of someone who rides the unicycle.

Can you get a speed ticket for going too fast on a unicycle? Haha beep beep. I found it very nice to have a supportive group of misfits, I guess it shows the power of friendships.

I agree that OnChainArt is a great community, I always enjoy posting there.

A podcast... That is an awesome idea! I am sure it would add up a lot of value. And it would be so much more personal. Curators, artists, seing how others think, talk. You were spot on with one idea: connecting people. It would put emotion and a story behind the nickname.

The idea sounds very Rogan style and I think it has a huge potential if the right people come along.

I also have found that covid helped a lot of people to reevaluate their lives and what they think happiness is really about.

Interesting post and thinking process, thank you!


HAHA! Thank you, @creativemary. That's something I started doing with @lovejoy and although it's taken me a while to warm up being in front of the camera, it's coming more and more naturally.

No. No speeding tickets have been issued for EUC's as far as I know.

Yeah. I just talked with @midlet and we're setting up the first video podcast.

That's so cool, I look forward to see this podcast! Have a great day! 😊