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RE: Electric unicycle and the triumphant return of the drone VLOG!

in OCDlast year

Is it really so easy to ride an unicycle? You make it look so easy. The footage is surprisingly smooth. I can imagine the looks of people when watching you.

I think it is a huge thing to write so much and put the pressure on you. But I admire the effort and commitment that it takes to achieve it.

If there would be more people doing drone vlogging then it would not look so weird. But just as usual in the history of humanity, those who dare to do unusual things get the looks. 👀
Keep on doing it anyway, the footage is great and it helps a lot to have the freedom of making videos like these.


No, I wouldn't say its easy, @creativemary. It wiped out about 50 times when I first got it. The poor thing is so beat up and scratched already. As far as I know, I'm the only one doing drone VLOG's, at least in Minneapolis.

It looked like smooth sailing to me😂I guess the hard work is mostly happening off camera. I like the drone vlogging, it is so nerdy and cool and interesting in the same time.