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This latest issue of National Geographic magazine was absolutely top quality. So many interesting articles and interviews, I was really blown away.


The issue covers a vast array of subjects, from celebrating 30 years since Hubble has been in space, to talking about the ice melting, about the new invention of a maglev heart which could save so many people's lives to interviews with the women from Bolivia's political scenes.


Do you know that the Universe is 13,8 billion years old? Do you still consider 50 as an old age now? Haha, I guess we both know the answer.


I was also fascinated by the interview with Kris Tompkins and about the wonderful initiative she had with her husband: to buy a million hectars in Chile and Argentina and then to donate them in order to create national parks. What a wonderful tribute for nature!

I had talked about this issue in an almost 2 hours video, available for free on my channel. I am sure you will have a great time watching me talk about this😊 Here it is


Have a gorgeous day and toodle loo!

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13,8 billion years old 🤖🤖🤖.

Just imagine...let that imagination ponder on that number.....

Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure! National Geographic magazine is one of my favourites❤️

If the is 13,8 billion years. A 50 year old would be thirteen billion eight hundred million and fifty years at least, right?

Hahaha, that is one way to look at things, true!

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You made me realize how many years it has been since I read a National Geographic magazine. I used to always get my father a subscription every year for his birthday and he would read them cover to cover and then set them aside to pass along to me after he was finished. After he died I didn't continue with a subscription for myself and you have made me realize I miss it. Maybe an online subscription is in order!

Oh that is such a nice memory of your father! I think he saw it like a gesture of affection to pass the magazine on. I really like it and the quality of the articles is really good!

I just set up the National Geographic podcast so that I can listen while I am working in the kitchen. I think I'm going to enjoy that a lot. Thanks for the reminder

Oh wow that is so smart to do, catching up with the latest science and do the cooking! Nice! I also developed the habit to listen to podcasts while I do chores. I find it fills my time with more meaningful information. And guess what... It is kinda addictive. Once you get the taste of it.... You want it more. I think that this shows that we can always improve the way we spend our time. And what to do with it.

Your cooking will benefit from this, I am sure. And your mind and mood as well😊

I do almost all of my reading these days on my Kindle. I have gotten really used to being able to set the Kindle down and have the device in the kitchen continue to read right where I have left off. It makes doing dishes not nearly as an objectionable chore as it usually is. I can still stay immersed in my book and get a few things done at the same time. I do love technology!

Oh that's nice! I admire those who can read e-books. I find it difficult to focus and I am a hoarder of books, the old traditional way of taking notes, reading page by page. But as long as our mind benefits from the reading, the way we do it is not important😊

I have MS and my vision is not what it used to be. I love books and I love reading, but sometimes the font is difficult, and on my Kindle I can make it as large as I need it to be. Plus my left hand doesn't always behave the way I expected to, and I was forever dropping the book when I tried to turn the page and losing my place. Reading e-books has really returned my joy of reading!

Oh I must tell you that everytime when a person tells me with such joy that they love reading.... Something smiles in my heart. The power of books is incredible and it never ceases to amaze me!