Death by screen

in OCD2 years ago

How blurry is your reality when driving through life under the constant pour of rain drops? There is this fine line of perception and we constantly work the windshield to wash off the pain. It rains with many feelings in life and of the utmost impact are the sad ones.


Looking through the wet windows of a car one can have a revelation or sit numbed by pain. It's the same with the windows of life. Our way of seeing things. Now there is this thing we call phone which consumes our lives. We don't notice life as it happens, we notice a deformed reality through the numerous layers of screens. Our mental screen, our emotional, our spiritual. We add the screen of the phones and instead of connecting we are layering. Solitude. Shared solitude. I wonder how lonely all of us trully feel behind the latest profile picture and the fanciest Instastory. I wonder how much pain it must be deep down if we feel the need to numb ourselves through technology. There is no more room for silence because it hurts. It hurts to sit alone with your thoughts when all of your life has been a constant agitation. I used to feel sorry for those who overworked themselves and I had a feeling of frustration seing that they never stopped to enjoy life. Now I can remember a quote which sums it all up. . Before you heal someone, ask him if he's willing to give up the things that make him sick.(Hippocrates) Are we willing to stop our lives and wonder if we have been living it wrong?


Shared solitude is the worst feeling of it all. Crowds of people sitting together but minding their own business. Hours of wasted energy spreaded to everybody else but to yourself. Drained after long hours being on autopilot a lot of people have nothing left when they arrive home. Death by screen leads to the death of the relationships, families, friendships. Death of the self. Are we watering the wrong plant? Are we treating others like a diamond while we see our life as a cactus? Are we dying inside while we try to be alive like everybody else seems to be trying?


I don't have a perfect recipe for happiness that would work out universally. Nobody has. But I believe that our modern plague is killing what defines humans the most: connection beyond words. Feelings beyond images. Reality beyond social media. We need to be in tune with each other's emotions more than we are willing to click like to everybody else while we are slowly losing our identity.



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How blurry is your reality when driving through life under the constant pour of rain drops? There is this fine line of perception and we constantly work the windshield to wash off the pain.

This sounds like the opening scene of a film noir movie. Love that genre.

Powerful message and so true, I keep reminding myself of all this too.

I’m actually taking a foot bath now after having walked to my twin sister and back ( two hours in total in a mountainy landscape )

Self care is underrated and I’m slowly getting better at it.

Connection to the world, other human beings and creatures and ourselves is key. We can go to far in it online though. It’s not the same.

Big hug and much love,


P.S. you look great but I’m also aware it’s just a picture.

Thank you very much Vincent, I feel proud that you admire my writing style in this one.
Actually you are the first to consider the picture and the ideas behind it. It wasn't a happy day for me although I am smiling in the image. The images taken are in a train taken by me back home. Not very happy when I took them either. I was reflecting about this while I wrote this. I was thinking about how many people must be feeling the same behind the cute, smiling, happy posts. I appreciate that you have managed to pick up the essence from this article.
Online interaction has limitations. I believe in the real stuff. Emoticons, smileys, messages don't feel the same as a hug, a face to face interaction. It can't be replaced. Our way to each other's heart can't be replaced and it is sad that society promotes the other way around which only accentuates the sadness that already exists in the world. And the solitude

A perfect photo here and the truth displayed by the words for us all to see.
Sadly when I write the thought is always wondering how many people will actually read it.
The screens are turning us into an instant society that live by only reading very short paragraphs.
Loneliness have become our shadows.


Thank you for reading, I wonder the same thing when I post: how many read between the lines?
I find loneliness at maximum highs right now. And it is all because of these screens which give the illusion of closeness. What can be done? Switching it off, having days with no phone around, turning off data, going in remote places and reconnecting, finding out how would a day be without technology.

So right, as there are not many that can read between the lines due mainly to a lack of reading.
Yes and fortunately I can get out into nature often with no electronical stuff, except my camera.
I even make it a point to leave the phone at home and it is quite a different life out there.
One of sanctity and belonging.

Blessings and have some !WINE

Wonderful, I do the same

Glad that you do, as for me evey outing is an adventure.


People have never been more disconnected than they are now, in my opinion. I mean from others, themselves and the planet around them. Just saying.

I agree with this so much and I find it sad for our future as humanity. I think of the absurdity of it all: to have to fight to get someone's attention and to have to do that with a piece of plastic. Animated screen has become better than genuine connection. And then I hear about depression and sadness.... No wonder....

I love your in a way philosophical argument, many people unfortunately don't share the same perspective as you do, or rather they aren't overly conscious of their actions or the effects of their actions to their general well being and the quality of their lives in general. And for those who are somewhat conscious of the effects of their actions they choose numbing away the pain of say loneliness using technology rather than sacrifice and put in the effort in overcoming the pain, escapism and repression are rather more appealing to many.

Results being many of cease living and just exist, creating a new normality, a normality of leading despondent lives full of suffering, anguish and pain, a never ending loop, while life is full of so much more...

Thank you very much for reading! I agree with you. Numbing is easier. People do it all the time. When disaster strikes and relationships fall apart, only then people wonder why. Growing apart and becoming mentally absent while our physical presence lingers... This is what destroys our capacity for connection. Deep inside humans have this desire. Technology is a supplier of artificial connection. Although it's not the same thing, it has fooled millions of people that it is.