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The deadliest health threats to humans are unseen by the naked eyes like germs, bacteria, and viruses. We never knew when we will be infected. All the possible ways to prevent the spread of these microorganisms were done by many people but still many are being infected. There are health solutions that can help us reduce these microorganisms in our air space including dust and bad smells. We can use appliances that can purify the air around us especially in our homes.

If you want to know the top air purifiers that can help us eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses in the air, stay tuned until the end of this video. If you happen to like this video please hit the like button and leave your comment below. If you care for others, please share this video.

We all care for our family and loved ones, that’s why we will do anything to protect them from harm. We need to do something, if not eliminate, to reduce the risk of infection and acquiring deadly diseases like CoVid19. Aside from doing the minimum health protocols, these appliances can help us reduce the risk of acquiring infection not only in Covid19 but also in other diseases caused by these microorganisms.

Here are the Air Purifiers that can help us clean the air we breathe.

Midea FP-71APA040WETH-W Plasma Air Purifier

Clean and safer air for your home.
Midea Plasma Air Purifier is versatile that can purify air space up to 60sqm.
It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 500 m3/hour.
It has Pro Microscopic Purification that effectively captures 99.97% of air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.
It uses True HEPA 13 Filter. HEPA means high-efficiency particulate air, it is a type of mechanical air filter that traps harmful particles like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke.
It has a Dualmax Filters, a 4-layer filter, that promotes superior purification efficiency, delivering 360 degrees of clean air delivery.
It has 3 Sensors. Smart Light Sensor has auto light off when it comes to dark environments. Gas Sensor detects odors, TVOC, and formaldehyde. Particle Sensor detects small particles.
It has a power consumption of 40 watts. Weight of 10.84kg and dimension of 31cm W x 31cm D x 67cm H.
Warranty is 1-year parts and service.

Midea FP-71APA040WETH-W Plasma Air Purifier

Panasonic F-PXM55ANP Air Purifier

Surround your family with clear air. Keep the air in your living spaces clean and refreshing with Panasonic Air Purifier.
It can purify space up to 41sqm.
It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 510 m3/hour.
It has a unique Nanoe Technology that leaves your room fresh and clean. It contains about 1000 times more water vapor than negative ions which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The nanoe device can release radicals in water molecules which increases the effectiveness of killing bacteria and odors.
The unique and powerful Direct Front Suction draws the air into the unit to filter air pollutants.
It has 4 Filter. Pre-mesh Filter blocks larger particles. Anti-bacterial Filter that inhibits allergen, viruses, and bacteria. HEPA Particle Filter removes ultra-fine particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. Super-Nano technology Deodorizing Filter eliminates frequently encountered odor with activated carbon.
It has a PM2.5 Mode that removes Particulate Matter that removes dust particles as small as PM2.5.
It also has House Dust Catcher and 3D Circulation Airflow
It weighs 5.8kg and has a Dimension of 30cm W x 19cm D x 58cm H

Panasonic F-PXM55ANP Air Purifier

Carrier CAUN051LC1 Air Purifier

Breathe worry-free.
Carrier Air Purifier can purify air space up to 61sqm.
It has 3 stage filtration that helps protect you. Pre-filter captures larger particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. HEPA H11 filter traps harmful particles as small as 0.3 microns like mold, bacteria, and viruses. An Activated Carbon Filter absorbs and eliminates odors and smoke in the air.
It has Ultra Violet Light Technology that effectively neutralizes trapped bacteria and viruses through the power of UV light.
It has Air Quality Monitor to know you are breathing safe air always.
Its Ionizer can release 1000 million pcs/cm3 ions.
It has 3 Fan Speed, Auto/Sleep Mode, Timer 1-12 hours, Remote Control and Filter Reset.
It has a power consumption of 40 watts. It has a weight of 10kg and a Dimension of 46cm W x 23cm D x 71cm H
Warranty is 1-year parts and service.

Carrier CAUN051LC1 Air Purifier


Samsung AX60T5080WD/TC Air Purifier

Purifies air wider and faster.
Samsung Air Purifier can purify space up to 60sqm.
It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 467 m3/hour.
It has a powerful fan that quickly distributes the clean air in multiple directions using its 3 Way Airflow.
The Multi-Layered Purification System keeps your air pure and safe. First, Washable Pre-filter extracts larger particles. An Activated Carbon Filter removes harmful gases. HEPA Filtration captures 99.97% of ultrafine dust and inhibits bacteria.
A Laser PM sensor detects dust, even particles less than 1.0microns, and gaseous contaminants. The numeric display shows the exact level of PM1.0/2.5/10 sized air pollutants. There is a 4-color indicator that indicates how clean the air is.
With hidden moving wheels you can easily move it anywhere you want.
Control it remotely with your smartphone. The SmartThing App lets you control the air purifier. You can turn on & off, check the air quality, control other functions, and monitor the status of the filters.
It also has a filter replacement alarm, timer, and child lock.
It has a power consumption of 60 watts. It has a weight of 11kg and a Dimension of 36cm W x 29.3cm D x 78.3cm H.
Warranty is 1-year parts and service.

Samsung AX60T5080WD/TC Air Purifier

LG Puricare AS65GDWH0 Air Purifier

Purify the air all around you.
LG Puricare Air Purifier has 360 degrees purification using aerospace-grade fan technology.
Clean Booster with 24% faster and 7.5m farther clean air delivery.
Multi-filtration captures unwanted particles like bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens, and odor components. Safe Plus Filter and HEPA H13 Filter removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, dust, and allergens. A Deodorization filter eliminates harmful gases.
Plasmaster + Ionizer reduces toxic viruses and bacteria, keeping your family healthy.
Smart Sensor & Indicator check your air quality with a color-coded indicator based on the PM1.0 sensor detecting system.
Auto Mode consistently adjusts to ensure you always have optimal air quality without the hassle.
Control it remotely with your smartphone. Use ThinQ to turn on Puricare remotely so cleaner air awaits your family even on dusty days.
It has a power consumption of 60 watts. It has a weight of 11.6kg and a Dimension of 34.3cm W x 34.3cm D x 58.7cm H.
Warranty is 1-year parts and service.

LG Puricare AS65GDWH0 Air Purifier

These are the air purifier that can help you clean your air space to protect you from things that are not visible by the human eye. Appliances through advanced technology can be a better health solution.

God Bless you all. To GOD Be The Glory!

Images are from shopee and lazada. Video is mine.


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