Thoughts on Twitter Hack

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"You send me 1000$ and I will send you 2000$ back". This was the tweet by some of the blue tick accounts like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Obama to name a few. With the tweets, the hacker has pocketed more than 100K USD. This has posed a serious question about the security of a microblogging site - Twitter.


How can this possibly happen?

According to Twitter Support:

Coordinated social engineering attack was executed by people who “successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools”. “We know they used this access to take control of many highly-visible (including verified) accounts and Tweet on their behalf. We’re looking into what other malicious activity they may have conducted or information they may have accessed and will share more here as we have it,” another tweet said. Twitter said that even as it has limited functionality of the affected accounts, it also restricted access to internal systems and tools.

That means the hacker got access to some employees account who might be a super admin and thus he/she might have got access to the twitter accounts of the blue tick users. This is a big lapse from Twitter by their security team. This is why security is such an important thing to do when building a website and thus people invest so much on security nowadays.

With security comes in mind, let's think what would happen if the same thing has happened on Hive, let's say some of the big accounts private posting key got leaked and thus they have posted the same thing, what you would have done. The same thing right, i.e. to send the money because we trust those guys.


This Twitter incident has also shown us that we should not blindly trust and thus there is nothing like a quick buck in this real world, here everyone needs money and no one will give you money without anything in return.

I am actually sorry for those guys who have sent their hard-earned money, but we should learn from their mistakes and we should be careful about it in the future too. Let me repeat, there is nothing as free money, we all have to work hard to earn that.

How the spam looks like.

Might be they all will not look alike, but just to give you an example. This is one such spam I get it almost daily on my discord id. And I know this is spam because this is just a marketing strategy to make you register on their site and then they will ask you to deposit some amount to get your winning amount, which is actually fake. This way they lure thousands of users and thus some folks without giving a second thought falls for it and thus lose their money.


There are hundreds of hacker doing 100s of things to get money out of your pocket by spamming or hacking, the best way is to be careful and don't fall for it. As I have said earlier there is nothing like free money, each and every cent we need to earn.




I have read many times That if you are online then you are not safe this is absolutely true don't you think. After all no one is perfect.

That's absolutely correct


A little naive from these people sending money don't you think?

That's absolutely true, but the problem is since it had came from such a high profile people, even the experienced one would have sent it I believe.

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Thanks @sayee :)

Everything we do online is a data captured by some, to be careful we should try to know what we are walking through. A simple number sharing in supermarkets ends up our numbers in marketing and adds and spams and ways to expose our data. This just happened to me today at MORE supermarket and they forced me to share my number. And I shared my 7 yrs old non working number 🤷‍♂️
Since morning, my coinbase is popping up multiple notifications of crypto scams on Twitter.


Since these days are getting tough coz of the current covid situation and lot of job losses, it's easy for anyone to jump in for quick money. Be it online or on streets. One of the biggest scam are on phone calls and text spams. So many things to check on.

Thanks for sharing the story and your views bro.

I remember watching a movie that has the same concept as you are a puppet in front of the hackers because of the online activity.