Rectification and Smoothing

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(Circuit which change AC signal to DC signal)

Good morning from here the Hivians, hope you all are all doing great??? If so thanks be to God Almighty.
Today I want to bring to our knowledge the concept of Rectification and Smoothing.
Rectification is the process by which we convert AC signal to DC signal, while smoothing is the use of Capacitor to store charge which in turn reduces ripple due to varying DC voltage from the rectifier.
This applies mostly in electronics devices like: charging of our phones, connecting our television, use of our chargers and other of our home appliances. This principle simply converts alternating current(AC) into direct current(DC)of which our home appliances makes use of.
Hence In our everyday routine, we in one way or the other involve ourselves in the principles of Rectification and Smoothing, therefore we should at least know it works.
Aim: Most of the power supply to our home comes in alternating current form, which is sinusoidal(starts from zero to peak and falls back repeatedly), if our home appliances draws current in such a signal it will cause it to experience a rise and fall current, for this reason, this principle is introduced to change this ac current to dc current which maintains a constant current to our home appliances.

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