Developing my career as an electrical engineering student

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Good morning the Hivians and happy Sunday to you all. Well today is God the trinity Sunday, hope you remember?

I wanna share my yesterday's work with you guys, I'm an electrical engineering student, and I'm pushing harder to see that I bring out the best out of me in helping and solving the world problems.
I idol and model Nikola Tesla. I love him and want to continue from where he stopped.

Fixing the Extensions

I'm the only electrical engineering student in my hostel room, out of five of the legal room mates three of us are from faculty of engineering. Coming back from the lecture hall, I was told that our electrical connection is spoilt but I was so exhausted and went straight to bed because of the marathon lecture we had. Then when one of our room mate who is a student in the department of medicine and surgery came to fix it, not having the knowledge of how electricity works connected life wire to another life wire which exploded the whole extension which as well woke me from sleep.

But of all I fix the light and repair the extension and now everything is functioning very well and I'm able to charge my accessories.


I also lecture them on the safety and precautions to take while dealing on electricity. Life is so precious and requires to be preserved, in whatever you do, LIFE first.

Life of an electrical engineer.


My Idol: >Nikola Tesla<

I'm @chichebe
I love my life✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽