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Web Browser and Search Engine
Web Browser is software used for connecting the web pages of a website. Examples are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Nescafe, Google Chrome, etc. A Search Engine is a website that is designed to search for keywords or words on the Internet. Examples: Google, Bing, etc
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
URL formerly known as Universal Resource Locator specifies the address of a web page, example:
This web address consist of the following: http – stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is referred to as the web protocol;
HTML is the markup language used in writing the body of the web pages, it consist of syntax tag which is used to depict and represent the visible part of the website the way we want it to be. For examples: the (header) is used to represent the title of the web page while the tag element (p) is used for paragraphs and the tag element (img) is used to depict images and so on.
Scripting and Programming Language
A scripting language is a high-level language that is designed to be integrated in other programming languages. As such, scripting languages are interpreted during runtime by appropriate programs instead of being compiled by the processors like in a programming language. Another key difference is that a scripting language runs only in response to an event while programming language runs even when not responding to an event. Some scripting languages are embedded within HTML as either client side or server side scripting language in order to add web page functionalities. Without the help of the scripting language like JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby and so on we would not be able to perform all the event that we do on this Hiveblog and other websites or webApps.
Note this in developing and designing a website:

  1. The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is used to write the body of the website
  2. The Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is uses in styling it like change of color and font-size
  3. While the Scripting language like JavaScript (JS) is used for the dynamic function of the website.