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RE: Trying Out The New M1 Mac Mini (Spoiler: It Rocks!)

in OCD2 years ago

Dang, I have an old mac mini, but I might need to look into buying a newer one for my office just so I can play around with it. I used to have a mac book pro that I absolutely loved back in the day, but then I kind of drifted away from Mac's. I don't hate them, I just find there isn't anything I can't do on a PC.


These new processors are whole different ballgame to anything that came before. Essentially, they've gone back to using RISC processors, but they are making them in house. The magic is that they integrating everything on the same chip.. GPU, RAM, CPU, and some neural engine voodoo. Being that it's all together, there is not the latency and compatibility issues that you have with separate components. I'd definitely recommend getting one, especially at 699. It's a steal! It's virtually silent, uses nearly no electricity and tiny.

Trust me dude, I would never promote a Mac with my past experiences if I didn't think this new generation was worth it. 😁

Okay, you sold me, I am going to write up the PO tomorrow! Gives me a good reason to retire the old one that has been on my desk for years...

I don't think you will regret it. Just make sure you get the new m1 version. Everything is so smooth, like web browsing etc. From what I hear you can do some good video editing even which is nuts on a cheap machine. Check out some YouTube vids.

I put in my order yesterday! :)

Nice! Let me know how you like it.