Feathered Friday - THE FEATHERED POND SAGA - Episode 3 : THE BEST ONE SO FAR :D

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I'm on the pond again ... and, as the title suggests, this is the best episode so far, in my opinion ... or at least :) is the most action oriented and dynamic one ... and it begins ...
IMG_9351 malo.jpg
... with a little walk on the water ...
IMG_9355 oo MALO.jpg
... the usually pretty calm Eurasian coot (Fulica atra) is running across the pond with a piece of bread in the beak ... passing by another coot ... and making this lovely temporary fountains that you can observe only when you freeze them on photograph, in reality everything happens very fast.
IMG_9350 malo.jpg
The coot's extraordinary leaf like fingers with lobed scales ... on strong feet, good for paddling and running ... with a little help of the short wings ... give her this Jesus superpower.
IMG_8372 malo.jpg
The cormorant, of the European shag species (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) is calmly drying his wings not far from there. He is not interested in bread. The cormorants need fish, and looks like this one has just returned from a diving expedition in the turbid water. The easily waterlogged feathers are a great help in diving, but if the cormorant wants to use them for flying, he must wait until they are dry again. Spreading the wings obviously speeds up the process ... and is also pretty photogenic. And while the cormorant is resting ...
IMG_9572 malo.jpg
... another fishing bird is actively hunting in the area ...
... the little egret (Egretta garzetta). On this enlargeable photograph the bird has just caught one of the many small fish hidden in the intricate vegetation in the shallow water.
IMG_9575 malo.jpg
Then she has to do a few maneuvers to bring the catch up along the long beak and into the throat.
IMG_9580 malo.jpg
These fishes are small ... so when she swallows this one ... she continues the search.
IMG_9592 glavno MALO.jpg
And here comes another one.
white GARZETE LITTLE fishGIF.gif
This all happens very fast.
IMG_9596 glavno MALO.jpg
In a second, the fish is eaten.
IMG_9599 malo.jpg
Sometimes, if she senses something suspicious in the surroundings, the egret is ready to fly away ... and eat in some quieter place.
IMG_9549 malo.jpg
This small Common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs), the size of a sparrow, is also searching for something in the intricate brown vegetation near the water, where the egret was hunting.
1 MALLARDSsplash GIF.gif
On the other side of the pond, where some trees are, the mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) are enjoying the bath.
IMG_8605 GLAVNO malo.jpg
Here is a female on the branch of the willow tree ...
MALLARD female MUZIAK lepecheGIF.gif
... and two males are floating around.
1 mallardsPAIR prvoGIF.gif
Then one of them goes out of the water ... and while he and the female are grooming their feathers in a synchronized way ... the second male continues circling around the branch.
IMG_8448 malo.jpg
Another female is camouflaged near some Cattail plants.
MALLARDS female Ese pracakaGIF.gif
Then she goes in the water, makes a few splashes, and continues to paddle with the male in a very dignified and elegant way. While I was photographing the mallards, I heard some shrieking sounds coming from somewhere in the air ...
High above me, deep in the clear blue sky, the Common buzzard (Buteo buteo) was chasing a Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) ... as you can see on this enlargeable photograph.
IMG_9141 malo.jpg
And a bit later ... on the large and beautiful weeping willow ...
... I saw another little white egret.
This one was resting among the dense branches. The day was slightly windy ... so ...
... I took a series of pictures and made this GIF out of them ... to show you how cool and atmospheric this fine thin branches look when they slowly move on the breeze.
IMG_8657 malo.jpg
Meanwhile, the cormorant had dried his wings ... and started the take off maneuver ... like a small feathered seaplane.
IMG_8673 malo.jpg
One of the coots stood at the edge of the deeper water ...
COOTenters Water GIF.gif
... then she entered the pond ...
IMG_8695 GLAVNO malo.jpg
... and continued swimming to the center of the pond.
The domestic goose was performing a little water ballet thing in the shallows nearby.
This goose is a great character ...
IMG_8748 GLAVNO malo.jpg
... and she likes to talk with people, in her jazzy language that sounds like a trumpet improvisation.
IMG_8817 malo.jpg
Some hours later ...
... in the late afternoon ...
IMG_8907 malo.jpg
... I caught her in this enchanted moment of beautiful light that was dancing like a flame on the water. The light is changing fast around that time in the day ...
... so just a half an hour before ... when this egret was grooming her feathers on the willow tree ...
White garzete BACKLIGHT groomGIF.gif
... the atmosphere wasn't so yellow tinged and warm. But now ... let's go back in time, somewhere a little before noon ...IMG_8669 malo.jpg
... and let's talk ...
... about Eurasian magpies (Pica pica) ... a pair of magpies is building the nest on one of the tallest trees around the pond.
1 SVRAKE gnezdoGIF.gif
On the following photograph, if you take a really good look at the picture ...
IMG_9724 GLAVNO malo.jpg
... you would see a pretty long branch in the bird's beak.
Although not completely visible because of the many branches, everything that's happening around the nest, these days is still somehow on display ... but ...
IMG_9744 malo.jpg
... when the hatching time comes ... this place will be well hidden in the dense foliage.
IMG_9609 malo.jpg
Here is the last look at the nest ... and a small chaffinch above it.
IMG_8765 malo.jpg
On the neighboring tree ... an oak ... I saw and photographed this male Common blackbird (Turdus merula) ... and on the bushes below ...
IMG_9525 malo.jpg
... I caught these House sparrows (Passer domesticus)...
... a vivacious little bunch.
The sparrows can fly through the small passages among the thorny branches with amazing ease.
IMG_9534 malo.jpg
Back on the water ...
... some of the coots are in the racing mood ... they look like little bird - shaped speedboats running for a prize.
The coots are very territorial and these short energetic chases happen pretty often.
Sometimes ... like on this photograph, ad example ... they create some cool bubbles :)
IMG_9349 malo.jpg
On this photograph ... the coots are slowing down ... and the two cormorants on the following picture ...
IMG_8644 malo.jpg
... are calmly enjoying the sunny day ...
IMG_8646 malo.jpg
... while another coot swims in the background, patrolling her territory.
IMG_9109 malo.jpg
I like to observe these birds and their dynamic temperament. And now ...
... with the almost the last look at the Little white egret ... looking down at something ...
IMG_9244 malo.jpg
... followed by this funny portrait ...
IMG_9809 malo.jpg
... and the usual closing shot of the setting & scenery ... is time to end the episode :) THE END ... as always in these posts on Steemit, all the photographs and GIFs made from some of those photographs, are my work.
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Thank you :)

Wow, nice featherfriends photography.

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Beautiful coverage. It looks like National Geography coverage. Thanks for sharing the beautiful things with us.

Thank you. :) Glad you like this feathered post.

It’s as if I watched the program “In the world of birds”)
Everything is described very competently and beautifully.
It is obvious that you are very interested in ontology.

Glad you like this little bird report. :) Yes, I'm very interested in plants and animals in general, especially animals. I can observe them for hours, waiting for something interesting to happen and never get bored ... and this pond is an ideal place for birds, there is a nice variety of species gravitating around the water.

Spectacular photos! All the birds like to hang out by the pond. What a great selection of photos!

If you think of it for your next bird post use #featheredfriends
I will find it quicker.

Thanks :) I will next friday

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