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RE: Why should I post my content on Hive?

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I have at least 100 essays that are owned by someone other than me. I had my big boy pants on when I made those deals and knew precisely what they meant. Knowing doesn't stop me a bit from being irritated that some of my best is unavailable to me.

There's an answer in there. What I post on Hive is mine. For better or worse. I also have a large collection of pieces sold as 'single use' so that I still own them, and they are waiting patiently for the right people to come to Hive. If I live long enough they will have value for more than just their words and photos. Another answer.

Finally, for me: I can write exactly what I choose. Again, for better or worse.

Thanks for another thoughtful and needed piece.


It is amazing how much we give away of ourselves these days, often for likes and hearts. I know that isn't necessarily what you were doing with your essays, but that is what many of us have been conditioned to accept- nothing for something.

Hive answers several content questions and while there is a bit of a way to go to get the ducks in row, we are heading there.

Finally, for me: I can write exactly what I choose. Again, for better or worse.

Some people are scared of the immutability, as if what they write anywhere else is not permanent. People hide themselves as if they are actually hidden.

A friend of mine from high school told me a story about a rabbit with Myxomatosis that had run away from him and thought it was hidden. It was blind from the disease and he shot it with his shotgun from point blank range.

Hidden on the internet is only at the surface layer. We are hidden from each other, not from those who have our data.