One Thing I Never Imagined Doing.

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Hey Hive!

It’s been a while. We are basically back to normal here in Germany. The cleaning lady came today, our kids are back in Kindergarten next week (part time),@mrsbadger is back in the office, and I am looking forward to a little peace and quiet around the house.

The whole quarantine thing didn’t really hurt us too bad. My wife actually has had more work than normal, as one would expect for a social media manager, so that wasn’t bad. We even saved a little money without paying for kindergarten, housekeeping, and gas costs.

Now back to my title here. So you are looking at a battery powered lawn mower. What the heck? Is it 2325, or what?

I’m a gasoline guy. Some dudes back in the states went crazy and bought themselves battery operated weed whackers, but I never thought I would see a battery powered lawn mower.

Maybe this is normal for you. Where I am from it isn’t very practical and I sure don’t see how it is environmentally friendly. Takes power to charge it and where the hell are you gonna dump those junky batteries, I guess you could recycle them by shipping them all over the world and using more energy to break them down, what do I know.


My mother in law bought this one from a rummage sale for 30 bucks and she asked me to mow the lawn for her. I stubbornly accepted after some grumbling, but secretly was a little excited to test it out.


She has a tiny yard so you can finish it with one battery charge, well two 20 volt Samsung batteries.

The first thing you notice is it's not a gas-powered lawnmower. It's light and flimsy, quieter than a vacuum cleaner, and requires a delicate touch to not stall out in the slightest bit of tall grass.

Definitely not for me.

So living in a small village (with whiney neighbors) and for a 60-year-old woman it's the perfect solution though. She doesn't have to worry about a long cable for an electric mower or hauling gas around for an engine-powered mower.


It took me roughly half an hour to finish her entire yard which is about double the time as a normal mower. The problem was I had to constantly stop and pick grass clippings of the blade or it wouldn't run.

Did the job though. So I guess for her it's nice!

Have a good one!



That seems to be the trouble the battery powered or recharbable doesn't do a good enough job. Now if you can show me a lawn mower charged with a USB. that would be impressive. Lol

I just bought me a new petrol one. I considered the battery option but decided against it for a few reasons...Firstly it's limitations on long-grass (which you point out) and secondly battery issues as far as failures and cost of replacement. At least with the petrol engine there's nothing that can't be fixed.

Having said that I have Ryobi One+ battery tools. Edger, blower, hedge trimmer, weed whacker etc. and they are really good, way more easy to use and considering the One+ batteries work in all my other power tools I have helps of them.