children's expressions in the photo

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To be a model is easy and difficult. We must be brave and confident, and have a lot to learn from all fields.
How to be stylish in front of the camera and express.
I myself am not necessarily able to express myself in front of the camera.
Especially the children in this photo.





This child is stylish in front of the camera, but the child still looks shy in the photo, but for me this is a beautiful expression.
These are brother and sister, and they are my children.
At that time I wanted to take some photos for memories when they were little.
Then I told them to stand up and pose in front of my phone, I made them smile shyly.
I took several photos with different expressions.
After that, I took my cell phone and showed a photo of them laughing and smiling.
This is my little model. Although a bit stiff, I am proud of my children, they can definitely become successful people in the future.
I know being a model or being a photographer is not easy.
I'm also not a photographer I just want to be the best.
I myself have loved being a photographer since I joined #hive.
Since then I have loved photographers.
I also thank my friends in all the #hive communities who have raised my account.
This is all I can share my experience here.
I hope my friends never get bored with me.
Greetings from me @asklanbudi🙏
Have a nice day

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