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Good day HIVE community! I thought that maybe I’ll start with introducing myself again since I just woke up from a very long hibernation lol. I have been into steemit since 2017 and I’ve been sharing blogs and been writing ceramics articles before since I am a ceramist by profession.

I got a lot of extra time here in the office (due to COVID-19 or the so-called New Normal) which I only waste surfing the internet and browsing the social media so I thought that it would be better if I invest it again into this decentralized social media platform.

I work now in a Civil Engineering Laboratory as a Materials Laboratory Technician and we are accredited by the government (specifically the DPWH - Bureau of Research and Standards) to perform and conduct standard tests and assessments on (but not limited with) various construction materials, e.g. Cement, Aggregates, Steel Bars, etc.

In my picture above, behind me is a Universal Testing Machine or simply UTM. This machine is used to test or determine the tensile strength and the compressive strength of materials.

Well, to continue my introductory post, our laboratory conforms with the standard specifications, test protocols and guidelines set by the Philippine National Standards (PNS) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Thus, you will be reading a lot about Civil Engineering Testing in my next posts.

I'm also a cryptocurrency enthusiast and I've been into the digital market since I started writing in steemit. So if you happen to know more about crypto, please share with me your thoughts and insights as I really want to become a good trader lol.

To the HIVE Philippine Community, SHOUT OUT TO YOU GUYS! I’m back lol! Please leave a comment below on how I can reach out with you. Let’s make this community great again!

Please follow me (@asbonclz) if you want to learn regarding Civil Engineering and Testing.

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Hi. Thanks for sharing. Though I have no interest in Civil Engineering it's always great to see a kababayan in the cyberspace.

Stay safe bro.