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RE: Paper gifts and making 7500 HIVE in an hour for FREE

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read what you did and I like your writing style it funny and interesting at the same time and that remains me I also have to store my keys offline


Yeah, don't have them online at all if you can help it. At least not the master. print it out and keep it safe.

ok I will but first, I will change it

and can you tell me how to set a recovery account?

Recovery account is if yours is stolen.

There are suggestions here under the recovery account section

Ideally, you will have someone you trust who can also recover, but I use another account that I keep offline. A cold account.

 last year (edited)

ok, how many hives do I need to make a cold account myself? i have 84 hp right now

Will be back later. But I think you can get free ones on ecency. Perhaps someone else knows.

If not and you are on discord, I can create one for you I think.

ok I will get one from ecency thanks for the help