IAAC #87 repairing my old phone

in OCD2 months ago

Hey, you yall I hope everyone is having an amazing day while staying safe from covid.
we just had a smart lockdown a few days ago and I'm hoping it will end next week I did stay home and did some repairs and also tried to fix my old phone.
it screen and power volume button strip got damaged so I thought of replacing it with an identical model phone. I did not succeed cause I do not have a good soldering+hotgun machine.

I will go to the repair shop tomorrow and have them replace parts hopefully that would work and I then will have an extra phone to use just kidding I will give it to someone or sell it.

anyways take care of your self and loved one's peace @aiovo


It seems you are pretty good at fixing phones, or was it more of a trial and error?

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trial and error? cause you need a stable hand to solder I could fic it if I had good tip

Oh ok. Funny enough that's my area of expertise🙂
I actually work at infinix carl-care

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really so what do you think is infinix make good products?

Yeah infinix actually makes lovely products. With durable battery and awesome camera.

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I do think so couse I'm using infinix for a long time

What country are you chatting from? And what's the best Infinix product you have ever used?

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Hot not 2 Pakistan

then will have an extra phone to use just kidding I will give it to someone or sell it.

Hahaha ha good idea though, I always give my old phones to my mother because she doesn't like to pay to upgrade, so that way she has a semi modern phone as a recycled item.

It's very good for the earth to repair one's old phone thank you for the service to mother nature.

my pleasure I think I will give it to my mother as well

Every recycled device is a device not in a landfill.

Yeah what you think of the global plastic problem

It would be great if that would to happen I will read that research blog

They have already implemented a few facilities in Canada, I am excited to see it become common in all cities.

it would be great if this could be implemented all over the world

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