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RE: Why should I post my content on Hive?

in OCDlast year

Nicely done :) I particularly like:

Participation on Hive is investing into the future of multiple industries, applications and economies at the ground floor level, it is being where the ball is going to be.



We have so much of it already in place, just need a little luck and a lot of users and this place changes completely.

Indeed. HIVE at $1 would make a huge difference.

It definitely would, that would be a nice base price :)

That price level would also need a lot more buyers to keep it up there.

It has to be worth it to hold Hive for more than just the financial rewards, ie. someone must be getting sufficient value out of it that it is worth holding even when the value is going down.

I guess if that one is solved then we call all retire?

A game requiring a mass of Resource Credits?

Really it's gonna have to be genuine commerce I think. Whether it's buying and selling facilitated by the network, or that using Hive sufficiently improves your business* otherwise that it's worth holding Hive Power for it.

We've had several attempts at doing shops etc. on Steem, something like that will need to take off successfully eventually...

* real business with real revenue