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Perhaps in time, social status won't be derived from what can waste, but rather, what one can save or more precisely, how well one can use their resources.

A nice thought :)

Never owned a car myself - the expense not being worth the convenience. It's funny watching folks drive into work each morning, I cant remember the last time I saw 2 people get out of the same vehicle.


Driverless vehicles will make a massive dent in the numbers on the road as blockchain for verification and micropay allow for people to lease them cheaply and easily. It is senseless that while I am working in an office, my car isn't driving some little old lady to the shops.

I cant remember the last time I saw 2 people get out of the same vehicle.

This is me most mornings, but most afternoons I carpool people home. We also carpool if several of us are going to another office location. For my own business, many of the companies have factory locations that are out of the way with no other possibility than to drive.

Carpooling is the way forward. A driverless pool of company cars have the addresses of staff members and depending on location/shift start time, holidays etc, work out the most efficient way to get everyone to work and home :)

I am hoping apartment building body corporates will have a couple of their own that tenants can utilise or, apps will make it easy to get a group ride in a suburb. So many options.

In the Washington, DC area they have what they call slug lots. You stand in line at a metro lot and people pull up and will be going to the State Department, Pentagon or WhiteHouse, somewhere governmenty. If you don't have three people in the car, you cannot use the HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicles) and are relegated to those people who would rather be alone.

So yes!! We really do carpool here! :) And its free. (oh, the government pays our gas!)


That sounds great! Something the rest of the world needs to aspire to :)


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