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This is not an advertisement-goal post.

In the last few days, I created again a new logo for a hypothetical business, following the path of a periodical initiative with which I decided to share the steps of the creation process of the corresponding logo. You find the summary of the steps in the paragraphs below. In some ones of the posts in this periodical initiative, you can find the phrase "Join LOGOBAKERY": if you want to know more, you can CLICK ON THIS LINK. Summarizing, Logobakery is an initiative with which I create simple logos for initial and non-professional use, which can then be purchased in case a hypothetical customer wants to do it.

One step at a time

For this new post, I thought of a hypothetical activity that deals with the creation/working on/resale of two particular types of footwear: clogs and slippers. The choice of the name was the first step. And what did I choose? You have probably already seen the name on the cover: "Secsy". Appropriate? I leave it up to you to choose. But let's go further.

After choosing the name, I decided to use a suitable font to make the graphics. In this case, the project had a very “commercial” style, simple, and with a fairly straightforward layout. Let's look at the handful of hypotheses I found.

Each name was created with a different font. Looking back, the "font" is nothing more than the set of typographical characters of the same type, or even better the file that allows its installation and subsequent use. We can rename this as "Typeface". And what would the "typeface" be? It would be the "style" used to trace the shape of the characters (characters that are intended as letters, numbers, or for example punctuation marks, etc.).

Which one did I choose for this new episode? In truth, I have chosen two: I used one of the fonts seen above for the graphic design of the name, and a second - also present among the fonts shown - to create the descriptive writing of the type of activity (in the image, you see the Italian translation, "Zoccoli e Pantofole") .

The biggest part was done... or maybe not. I had to create a pictogram, but, in this case, I didn't opt ​​for a distinctive pictogram of what can be considered trademarks in themselves (to understand what I'm talking about, think of the F of Facebook, the M of Mcdonald, or that species of the accent of Nike's trademark). Instead, I recreated the shape of a shoe and took a part of it again. First, based myself on a pencil sketch

and then creating a path in vector format starting from some shapes

all thanks to the open-source vector graphics program I use, INKSCAPE. Here the definitive construction.

And finally, I merged everything, creating two different variations of the same complete logo. The first with a predominantly vertical long axis, and the second with a predominantly horizontal long axis.

I didn't dwell on the colors, but I found a couple that I think work well for showcasing here on Hive. Whether it's pleasant or not, I can't say: I leave you the opinion.


And we are to the end even this time. As in the previous #LOGOCREATION -tagged posts, I please you to remember that: the name “Secsy”, doesn't refer to any existing subjects, nor does it refer to anything real. In these initiatives of mine, I propose combinations that are often paradoxical, in strong contrast to each other, or with ironic tones. I underline it: the terms used don't want to be offensive in any way, nor to infringe the rights of anyone.

I hope I left you with a smile or some ideas. I give you an appointment for a next episode that I will publish in the coming weeks. Other logos are ready to be baked.