Extinct, Splat, Connect & Spark - Inktober Day 24 - 27

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When it comes to art I’m not too proud of, I’ll probably list these as part of them. Why? Well, I pretty much forced myself to create them. I recently concluded my internship a few days ago and all the stress as well as the lack of sleep washed over me all at once like a huge wave. I felt super tired and unmotivated. But then I thought to myself that I really wouldn’t be happy if I carried the Inktober prompts over into December, that would mean I worked on 31 prompts for three months…

Normally, I’d get away with some pretty decent art even if I wasn’t in the right head space, but it wasn’t the case this time and considering it was traditional art, it really wasn’t it. Then I came across a post by one of my favorite artists whom I follow on Instagram. His caption really stuck with me:

here’s a link to the post

“Drawing traditional has its moments…the constant corrections without undoing…even the imperfections of a single stroke…despite what situation you’re currently in as an artist or human, just remember to take breaks and keep that little flame burning…”

So I took a break and slept quite a lot, to the point where I googled causes of oversleeping, which I shouldn’t have, lol.
Sometimes just a little reminder can go a long way as did his caption with me. I owe it to myself to finish up the Inktober this month, and I will! For now, here are the artworks ; )



I made use of Procreate, watercolors, ink pens, Indian ink and my Sinoart sketchbook for the works below.


The Passenger Bird has such a saddening backstory. I found it ridiculous that human beings hunted these birds, which numbered up to 3 billion, into extinction. I suggest you read up on it

I started with 2 sketches prior to this before settling for this one. I still wasn’t happy with it, so I painted another



I picked a different reference of the same bird and drew again. I could feel myself picking up a bit. I painted the bird with watercolor and reserved the ink for the background.




I noticed things weren’t going to well with my traditional painting so I switched to digital for this prompt. The original idea I had was of a girl getting tripped by a stone while her beloved ice-cream hit the floor with a splat. I opted for something simpler instead.




I returned back to traditional here. I started with a quick sketch of my reference before defining the forms with the ink pens.




Believe it or not , I got inspired by my phone which was a hand me down. I’ve used it for 3 years so far. It’s a Tecno phone which I must say, has suffered at my hands. It’s hit the ground so many times and hasn’t developed any issues, asides the screen which I’ve only fixed once.
It’s pretty durable as most Tecno phones are. In line with the prompt, I drew a Tecno Spark 3 with the sparks from a cutting machine as its wallpaper.



If you notice, there’s a gradual progression to how the works improved a bit. As a creative to a fellow creative, I’ll recommend that you take breaks when you need it and as mentioned above, “keep that little flame burning.”

Thank You For Viewing!

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