I Made ChatGPT My "Color Theory" Advisor

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Important: Art Piece "Sneak Peek" Inside!

Since last week, I've been playing with the AI service ChatGPT. I noticed that this guy AI can do many things, including Role-playing famous people, it also writes and edits Codes to fit whatever description you give or alteration you demand of it! In the programming side, it replaces 90% of the usage of Stackoverflow.

Anyway, I found that ChatGPT can give you advice on any profession you might imagine.

As I'm using it to advise me on building my website, I realized it can play the role of an editor and marketer more brilliantly than anyone in these professions I can afford to hire. One of the conversations I had with ChatGPT was about one of my stories.

If you follow me for a while, you probably know "A Fascinating Legacy" right? I published it with a Black and White cover. Now, that I've been developing my coloring techniques for a year, I decide it's time to finally do it! (Especially because I need it in color for the website.)

Today, I finally started coloring, I decided to ask the AI if it can he can help me with that. I copied the whole story for it and asked:

Me: As an artist specialized in color theory: Based on "A Fascinating Legacy" what colors will best represent the mood of the story and why?

ChatGPT gave a wordy response, with extreme detail about the mood of the story and which colors are fit for which mood. It adviced me to use Rich and Warm colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Brown.

Here's a screenshot of its response.

I kept asking ChatGPT more questions to know what other options I have. Which hues of colors will work the best. What's the meaning of Warm and Pale? What colors work well with each other?

I got out of the conversation with more appreciation for the color theory than I was before.

ChatGPT: In color theory, warm colors are typically those that are closer to red on the color wheel, such as orange, yellow, and red. These colors are said to evoke feelings of warmth, energy, and excitement.

After using all the information, I arrived at this color scheme for the main two characters...

The Illustration Sneak Peak:

Of course, the image isn't finished yet, but I thought it was enough for today. If you liked reading this you might also enjoy "I Asked the AI to Extract Themes from My Story" or one of my short stories below.

Download Conversation:

Thanks for Reading

My Short Stories:

  • The post's image as well as the illustration are created by me using iBisPaint.

Very Nice 👍👍
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This is interesting. Having someone to interact with based on your hobbies and your curiosity goes a long way. Thanks for sharing.

That's true, but it can't replace a human interaction, (for now,) it does serve as a good advisor when you can't afford an expert.


It can never replace humans... It does serve its purpose.

Nice draw
Sometimes I wish I can do this but I guess I don't have the talent to because I have seen a lot of people doing it which I have tried learning from them but still I didn't get it

You are so talented

If you spend the time on it, you can do it... It took me more than 15+ years to reach this level, (though I only started learning Color Theory last year,) and I've seen people reach it from zero in a few months.


Great work
You are really doing well... AI is great though

The AI blew my mind!!


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Love your post image💕


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