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Hi I'm Alex. I write posts.

But more than that, I work to make the world a better place. And my mission to make the world a better place - with tools like technologies, design techniques or strategies, and communication of concepts - intercepts with HIVE on several levels. In that way I produce more than one type of post.

Last night I went on Savage Corner, and talked to @josephsavage on a wide range of topics. We went all the way from HIVE projects to Solar Panels. What struck me most in the conversation we had is the shared conviction that we are on the cusp of changing at least some of human systems drastically.... for the better.

Maybe for some people who read my blog, they cannot yet see the thread that ties all the posts together. When I originally started nearly 4 years ago, I was posting almost exclusively outdoor and homesteading content. I still produce from time to time these 'EcoTrain' type posts, and I like to use Natural Medicine tag as well. From producing the Ecological Instant miniseries, to building an Eco-Dome, to experimenting on the ground with Agroforestry systems, to supporting my wife in her Ecological Restoration project, 'Eco' (that's me) does a lot of 'eco' stuff!

But.... that's not always what I post about. In fact, I have to work a lot harder on those types of posts, which is maybe why I don't do them as much.... Its hard to make a daily update about projects that seem to move at the speed of snails!

Tech Bent

Since I have been using blockchain technology, I have had to learn a lot about the technology behind it. This includes websites, servers, witnesses, protocols, proof of work, proof of stake, wallets, exchanges, dexes, cexes, algorithms, smart contracts, automation and hosting. As I began learning more and more about these things, I could tell that not everybody was able to digest it all.

As time went on, I began to see ways to benefit from digesting that content! I wrote guides, and how-to posts. I joined utopian and hired a dev and produced an app called 'coffeesource.net' (Open Source Code) which was wonderful while it lasted. I also learned that the hardest thing about blockchain is keeping up with the updates!

I saw projects come and go. I noticed that many great projects still died, as getting past the idea phase was non-trivial. The most common thing would be a single person team 'developing' a project, selling a token. I started the INCOME SYNERGY FUND as a way to invest in projects I was actively helping to become more valuable. In this way I became a trusted adviser to many projects, and have been invited on as a team member in great projects like Hive SBI, #Archon and @brofund.

Take DCITY for example. It isn't immediately clear that sharing strategies would be in a player's best interest. But the best way a SYNERGY Fund can help DCITY grow is to show new players the right ways to become invested in the game. Including both my account and the fund account I have produced no less than 6 guides on how to 'mine' the #defifarming game of DCITY.

At one point, I split myself into three accounts, @ecoinstats for tech, or Fund/financial, basically LEOfinance posts, @ecoinstar for gaming like splinterlands and all the rest, and @ecoinstant for.... the rest?

I've tested both Dtube, Dlive and Vimm, I've made videos, and I have made video guides on how to make posts and videos. I try to post helpful, relevant and topical posts about a variety of topics as they arise as well, as any good blogger is wont to do.

I have hosted contests, and I have one HUGE discussion contest pending judgement right now. Judging is always the worst part, and its the reason I don't host more contests.

I have some surprises up my sleeve for 2021, but you can be sure I am doing my best to take this HIVE technology and use it to make real change in the way people interact with their world, positive change, sustainable development.

Freedom and Friendship!


Hey Alex, I'm Alex :)

I'm also human and resident of planet earth.

Awesome contribution to to this spaceship my friend, looking forward to 2021 surprises and having a nice chat.

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I like what you’re doing dude. Haven’t really checked out your page much before, but have seen your account pop up here and there.
One of my best friends is from Medellin, Colombia. He always made it sound amazing. Your filming locations are 🔥🔥🔥

Wow you have been on quite the Hive journey. I don’t know how I’ve not seen you around these parts sooner.

Great video. Have you tried to balance the audio out to sound more connected? Regardless, it’s a great message that needs to be more mainstream. Thank you for sharing that.

Good luck on your Hive adventures. See you around.

Hey @ecoinstant, Thanks for sharing your work with us here!

I appreciate anyone who supports progressive change to the systems we currently use.

Following for more of your content!

Curious to see what else you bring to the table 😎

Thanks for sharing about yourself. I have learned quite about a few investments in HIVE from you and I like your DCity guides. It seems a little confusing when you start and while the game has been hit fairly hard from taxes, I see no reason to sell out of my investment.

I also like the INCOME token as I have already got back over 10% of my investment in 2 months. I am debating about buying another token to increase my chances since the APR from it is already pretty amazing.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

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