Wake up, The World is Changing

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For the last many months, we have continued to engage in the world, even as it has gotten weirder and weirder.

Is this even the same world we remember? The one we grew up in? Perhaps it is the Sun that has changed, more yellowish now than ever.

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I find that a weird thing happens when I focus on building or creating something. Suddenly I am not paying attention to the outside world. In these times, reality perhaps can slip, although I never thought about it before 2020.

Have you considered Ancient Civilizations, Kundalini Yoga, the Electric Universe or the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis?

I hadn't.... before 2020.

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I was pretty sure I knew a lot about the world, about science and about history. Sure there were still a few old books on my list to read but....

I was definitely limited in my understanding of the ways in which my mind and body connect to the rest of the Cosmos. I am sure I have heard that sound or vibration was a key, I probably had heard of 'energy fields', though why I didn't connect them with electromagnetism is odd to me now.

How about the French Nobel Prize winner talking about 'optical biophysics' and recommending wave therapy for bactieria and viral infections? This is based on his research in the 'Memory of Water', and appear to be akin to electromagnetic negative images saved in water. Didn't Disney just do a movie about this?

There's a thousand reasons I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away

I was sure I understood what psuedoscience was before 2020.

So why do all the people in charge suddenly seem so 'psuedo'?

Why am I seeing interpretations of data that would have made my Econometrics Professor laugh as he failed whoever was dense enough to make such errors?

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Why has it become so plain now that corrupt agents are operating the news stations, news papers and many of the institutions of governments around the world? Why are almost all authority structures so suspicious right now?


Have you ever had the thought about non-participation? The old idea is "What if they gave a war and no one showed up to fight?" What if they held an election and no one voted? What if they passed a law that no one followed?

What if they made a money no one wanted?

What if they charged a tax that no one paid?

What if they they tried to stop us but everyone just kept building?


There is a tendency in resistance to fight something with nothing, with a negative, with a big "NO!". But I don't think thats the right way.

"NO" is defined by the YES which proceeds it, and as long as we are in the context of what we are "NO!"ing it is unlikely we will be able to see the whole range of the spectrum of appropriate discussion about the matter.

Here is an example - should we support AZERBAIJAN or ARMENIA in their current conflict?

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Reems and reems can be written about the historic context. The U.S. actually supports the Azer Muslim Side through NATO member Turkey while Iran and Russia support the Armenian Christians....which is weird.

So if anyone wanted to say NO to Azer-Support, the very context lends a solution, let's support Armenia.

But if we take one 9000 km step back, we might see the situation from a different context. How about we stop selling weapons to all belligerants? How about we stay in our Hemisphere?

How about we turn off the news and plant garlic this fall, so it will be ready for spring and summer?

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I have been working in Sustainable Development, and there we will continue to work, learning how can we build a different way - by trying.

If you are the least bit intrigued, I would invite you to click any of the links in this article to find more information.

Plus: Leave me a comment - this form of social energy exchange is powerful!

Freedom and Friendship!


Yes the world has gone pear shaped this year. I find it hard to believe anything anymore. There is no way to tell fact from fiction or real from fake news. I have researched some of the topics that you mentioned, though nowadays I just observe without making too much judgement.

By the way, have you researched the Grand Solar Minimum? That's another spanner in the information works for you.

These governments dont know whats going to hit them. There is a lot of civil unrest.

There are too many people following those that yell the loudest, scare you the loudest. People forget that there is no rules now on 'reporting the news'

That most news is speculation in the form of which side the news channel is on.

Fear has divided the world faster than any world war ever has. Think about it. In less than 3 months fear changed the world........ made everyone hideaway. Took away any freedom we might have had and are bullied if we do not follow the 'rules'

When has this ever happened before?

Plus add-in that this has become the norm. Once something is 'normal' the chances of going back are null.

The world I grew up in is no more.

The world you grew up in is no more unless people wake up and it has already been proven that that is not going to happen.

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