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There's a lot of work to do, so lets get to it. Whether you are feeding families across the continents, or putting a smile on placid faces with flowers, or pruning the windbreak so the neighbors are less visible, we want to hear from you!

Join Farmer Ecoinstant (thats me!) in the new Farm and Garden corner of the ManCave, with a brand new contest to show us each your unique activities and experiences!


Hard work has come to define farm and garden, but we know that there are great new tools, technologies and techniques that make this type of work more practical.

Join in with your Plants, Animals, Tools or Strategies!

We want to look at your PATS - plants, animals, tools and/or strategies. Take some pictures and upload a post to the ManCave Community to participate.

Now what about the prizes and premios? Big votes are already promised from @brofund Curator @RaymondSpeaks - we are eager to move our community down the runway, and we have the HP to do it. With a recent delegation our @BroFund voter is at 300k SP waiting for your Farm and Garden entries!

I will also be sponsoring all new recruits to the MANCAVE through this contest with Hive SBI units. I have a couple hundred units to spread around, I hope we get tons of entries!

Come into our Discord!

There you will find the Farm and Garden corner and much more. We eagerly await your arrival.


I'll try to get a post out. Thanks for the tag, @sayee

Welcome, looking forward to your post :)

Excellent @ecoinstant. This post caught my eye in my feed, in the limited time I had earlier today, and I was very glad to learn about the Man Cave community, in choosing to look into it a bit.

Not the indecisive sort, I now own some BRO tokens, joined the Discord server, and am currently working on my post about finding some encouragement in learning about it.

For your encouragement, I thought you would want to know. Thanks for writing this!


Here is my first entry into this competition:

Thanks. Sure hope to see a lot of entries. Will tag @simplymike She is one great farmer

I will share my post soon. Is their any Last day to follow?

This will be done when the post pays out, but next week I hope to have another contest as well.

how are you dear friends @ecoinstant good afternoon
What a great initiative, there are many people who do a lot of agricultural work, without a doubt it would be a real success.
I appreciate that you let us know all this information
I wish you all a wonderful weekend

A solid entry from you! Thank you for reaching into the family photo album!

how are you dear friend @ecoinstant good afternoon
There is nothing to thank, in any case, how grateful I am for this wonderful challenge that you present to us and the opportunity to participate. happy that my post has been to your liking
I take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous week

Nice initiative!
I'll try to participate 😊

Look forward to your entry!

Here you go @ecoinstant. Very nice initiative to get men to write about "playing in the dirt!" 🙂

My entry:

P.S. If and when you get to looking it over, I would like to draw your attention to what I put in the P.S. at the end of it, for your consideration.