Show me your FARM and GARDEN contest!

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I would like to thank all of the participants of the 'SHOW me your FARM and GARDEN contest!

I hope you will all continue to share your work in growing plants and participating in the natural systems with plants and their flowers, fruits, pharma and other wonderful uses.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite entries:

Home Bio Gas and Drip Irrigation by @apshamilton

Farm in Pictures by @sayee

My Family Animal Farm by @motun

Happy to be who I am, a simple land Farmer by @jlufer

My Farm by @shemzy

Backyard Cannabis Farming 2020 by @Elamental

My vegetables, Flower, Spice and Herbal Plants by @mr-science

PUBLIC DECLARATION: I am a Farmer by @lebey1

Peanuts in the Rockies by @roleerob

Carnivorous Plants Update by @teenagecrypto

Culantro Growing in the Garden by @rehan12

Hard Work Pays Off by @battleaxe

My Farming Introduction by @fotostef

A Garden for Humans and for Dogs by @hetty-rowan

Gardening is my Therapy by @linco

Within these posts, and more which I have resteemed on my blog, there is incredible energy about growing food, propogating plants, and also supporting family.

Supporting our families is so important. Each of the author's featured in today's FARM AND GARDEN issue will be nominated for HIVE staked based income units.

And most importantly - Today starts ROUND 2!

I will continue to resteem your Farm and Garden posts, make sure to include @ecoinstant in your post so that I get tagged by GINAbot!

Freedom and Friendship!


congrats to all featured and thanks for the appreciation, dear Eco and I hope we get sponsorships too for this round

yes! we will be stacking staked based income units!

Thank you for your efforts to host this Admiral @ecoinstant! Hardly anything more important than our food. If we can have a hand in the provision of it, that is a true blessing in this crazy world!

Glad i could be apart of the fun

Thank you @ecoinstant thay you have liked my post. Also thanks for hoisting this contest. Best of luck