Do you understand how electricity works?

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I bet you don't, but even if you think you do, I can freely admit that I am weak in this area. Have have a great handle on biology, chemistry, economics, history, philosophy and maybe even a few more specific topics - but electromagnetism has been an uncracked nut for me.

But recently I watched an excellent video from the Veritasium channel, here it is:

So the energy doesn't actually flow in the wires, woah. And notice the description of the differences between Alternating Current vs Direct Current. Electricity is literally magic that we are starting to understand.... well, I'm starting to understand, this is part of our Human Heritage!

After watching this video, I suddenly feel like the nut is about to crack.

What moves in the wires is electrons, but they go slowly backward, for all practical purposes they don't go anywhere.

There are fields.... all around us. Energy fields.

Electro Magnetic fields.


Do you know what a Faraday Cage is? This is a Faraday cage beanie cap.

If the faraday cage is too tight will it block your own thoughts?

That's right, your brain's electricity is doing the same thing....its generating alternating magnetic fields within your noggin.

So anyways, that makes more sense now about why my trees growing into the powerlines are causing all sorts of problems. Woops!


Well I guess that means I have to break out the chainsaw!

Well for tonight, I will leave you with one more video. I have some update pictures to share, but they are on my phone and I am too lazy to upload them tonight. Still several more days to go on the completion of our new bathroom.

How about another Veritasium deep dive into the reality of Imaginary Numbers:

Freedom and Friendship!


I see you love to learn new stuff :)) I studied eclectic engineering because I found it to be so thrilling ever since I was a small child. Electricity is really modern man's magic.

Veritasium received a few critiques of this video. Just search on YouTube.

great, a series of minor technical and definitional disagreements, but I like his presentation style and feel like I learned even deeper. But, some of his technical explantions are over my head, I guess I need even more youtube videos....

I think it is absolutely imperative for a man to deeply understand his strengths and weaknesses and based upon the numerous times I've been "bitten" by electricity, I think I will file it away in the weakness category. lololol

Electricity is a myth

I don’t suggest going out there and cutting down your trees that are in the powerlines. You can easily cause more problems than you want to deal with. Contact your power provider and have them come out and take a look. They will figure out the safest way to get them cleared from the right of way.

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