Cutting cuttings for reforestation and future growth

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This morning I had to rapidly assemble cuttings of Tibouchina, which we are using for rapid recovery of damaged slopes. Here on the Buena Vista Investigation Center, we are working with many such promising natural and native species of plant.


Pruning these lets more light in for other plants, like coffee. Our chickens like to help clear thethe leafy debris under these bushes.


This species we are using for its rapid woody growth for firewood, but recently there has been a high demand for cuttings to heal some damaged areas. Its leaf is fuzzy, which means it helps condense water from clouds (rising air) even when its not raining. They have gorgeous purple flowers for thr pollinators, and expand to fill any space, helping to protect the ground from direct sunlight and making more three dimensional spaces for living creatures like birds and lizards.

Its no wonder people want to plant more of them!


Apart from the reforestation and recovery of damaged lands by Selva Foundation, also some friends showed up today looking for plants to spruce up 'Grandma's Garden'.

We recommend cuttings, of tibouchina and hibiscus, as the easiest way to bring love and light into your life.


This bag of long cuttings will head down with us to the Botanical Garden Raul Echeverry Echeverry, where @ecoinstante is working with the Selva Foundation to produce a large and growing body of available native species to plant and propogate.

Everytime we take useful products out of our farm and share with the world, my heart grows a little bit in size. What was once a follish pipe dream is now genetic bank of various giosperm material valued by local residents and recovery efforts. All the Glory to God, who Created all these incredibly useful species and the system by which they interrelate.


Thanks for sharing!

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I think I have seen this plant here in Suriname in a few places, but I didn't know much about it. Thanks @ecoinstant.



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