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Hi fellow Hiveans,

Today I wanted to share something I've been meaning to talk about: PeakD and Node Benchmark testing. If you aren't sure what it is, read on!

First of all, this is something that is used when you access the website to log into and interact with the Hive blockchain. If you don't use that website yet, I HIGHLY recommend using it! It's by far the best front end you can use for both mobile phone as well as desktop/laptop computers!

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Node Bench-what?

One of the really cool things that the awesome PeakD team has come out with in the last few months that I've taken advantage of on a few occasions, is the ability to do a Node Benchmark test. If you aren't too much into computers, that basically means you are testing each PeakD node you are connecting to and seeing which one gives you the fastest response time. This is based on the geographic location of the node to where your internet connection resides. There are more components to that such as CDN (content delivery networks) components but that's for another day.

The benchmark is an awesome test if you're looking to see what way you can connect to the fantastic Hive network the fastest! For some of us, we need to have pretty good response times to comments and posts, so what better way then checking to see how you can optimize your connection?

As we can see below, the best node for me to connect to has a 1.5 second response time to my queries. That's pretty fast considering how we are a relatively small platform in terms of the wider internet platforms! It's also great because you can see how many full-node options you have the option to connect to.

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That's great and all, but how the hell?


Ok so you've made it this far but are thinking, "Ok cool.." and "what the hell, how do I do it?!"

Luckily, the way to get there is actually fairly easy. If you are on PeakD on your computer or on your phone you can still get to it (I think on mobile it works.. don't quote me on that yet!)

If you visit your account on PeakD and go to "Tools" you will see lots of options. The bottom of those options will be "Node Benchmark" which you can click. It will ask you to "Start Benchmark" which is a process that will ping the various full nodes that are out there and return the top picks for you to choose between.

As you can see, Blocktrades has one I could connect to, Anyx, Drakos and some others. Anyx seems to be the one that I am most geographically close to so it provides me with the best connection. That's the one I am currently connected to. I noticed a pretty quick difference between when I was just using the default, which is Blocktrades, to when I switched over to the Anyx node. It loaded things faster so that was really nice!

Node benchmark.JPG

Give the Node Benchmark a try on your own and see what you get for results! You may change up your habits and notice a significant improvement in response times! Let me know what node you connected to and what the response time was! I will give away some small hive (0.1) tips to those who actually do this and show me their results!

The other really cool thing about this is that it also applies, often, to the other apps you use for Hive! I switched my node on the Ecency app and have noticed faster response times on that versus the standard node they use.

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Still using Upgrade! PeakD is a much better user-interface, gives loads more information at your fingertips and has some of the best developers behind it. Give it a try, go to and see how much easier it is. You just need to use Hivesigner or Peaklock some of the most secure ways to log into other Hive frontends.


Lol when did you become such a tech fundi? I personally appreciate all these features for sure it’s nuts!

I was actually talking to a friend today about facebooks revamp the look is super clean and it’s just a reflection of the type of sheeple!

It’s moved to a more clinical look and it’s like big buttons and call to actions with dark colours it’s like an eye test for old people

I get what they trying to do but it’s showing what a generic utility it has become and then you look at peaked and you like shit this is geeky AF but you can use it to go as deep or as shallow as you want and I dig that level of personal responsibility for your experience

Thanks for dropping by man!

I've gotten into things like this because of the data visualization aspect of all the cool features that PeakD offers. Exploring things like account growth and others has led me to learn a lot of nice things about my experience here and how I can do good things for others while still earning some decent rewards myself! When I saw that they had offered the node benchmark and it improved my latency by half a second, I was on board with that shit real quick!

I thankfully haven't been on Fakebook for almost 4 years now. My wife still uses it but she has a small business so she needs to go where the money's at. Thankfully she sprinkles some posts on here sometimes but most of the time it's chasing the dollas at Fakebook. I haven't seen the new look but it doesn't surprise me. When you talk to younger people (makes me sound fucking old, ugh) they are on Fakebook to talk to grandma not to talk to their friends lol. Of course they need to increase the font size and stuff!

I don't think it's surprising at all that it looks clinical. The features that are up front are the easy ones that many people do while the privacy things are hidden deep as hell so most people don't find them and they can continue to sell your data. I remember I had to scrub the hell out of my account before I stopped using it. It was insane the shit they collected on me! I was shocked they let me delete the info but it's not truly deleted, just deleted from me seeing it lol

PeakD does have some cool and unique features but is still in it's infancy. Give it some time to catch up. 😂😂

Thanks for checking it out but I might have to disagree with you! The PeakD team has always been far ahead of others with updating and improving their interface for the users. I don't know of a scenario where they would lag behind whoever runs!

That is the beauty though of having this type of decentralization. There are lots of options that you wouldn't get with places like Fakebook and others!

Too true.