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RE: How can I bring my 50k followers on Hive?

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Your efforts appear to be focused on education.

A good technique might be to present Hive as a platform for learning about cryptocurrency and monetary systems.

Do you have a web site?

It is usually considered bad form to use a social network platform to promote another. I believe that Facebook has a history of acting against groups that they feel are promoting financial schemes. They would probably classify Hive as a financial scheme.

If you have a personal site; then you can load the personal web site with the onboarding information.

PS: Do you know any of your followers personally? I think the easiest way to onboard people is with face to face direct communication.


It is more about science as my followers are 90% about science.

Yap, FB already banned me twice for promoting crypto.

Nah, I don't know them personally, that's the issue here :( I need to try me best to make this look easy and incentivizing for them.

Peace yo!

Facebook does not like people who promote alternative social media sites, but they are okay with people who promote personal web sites.

So, I think the best approach is to create a personal web site that sits between you and facebook. The personal web site would have the onboarding scoop.

Having a personal site might help you interface with other scientific groups.

Some scientists like programming, others like math. I think the mathematics of the rewards pool is quite interesting.

From a programmer's perspective, the ability to access the data in the rewards pool is interesting.