How to incentivize people to HODL?

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I am currently working on a new project to bring around 50k people (mostly science enthusiasts) on Hive and STEMsocial.


I have a few ideas but I am still a bit far from the final product and I want/need your help.

I am now mostly thinking about how to incentivize people to HODL. I know we have a beautiful system where we can incentivize people to post or comment.

But, I really want this project to be serious and super cool at the same time. So, I want to incentivize them to post/engage with comments but also, I want to show them a hodl mentality first. I think that's important.

I don't want to make it a rule but I want to incentivize them to have skin in the Hive game.

So, whatcha think? How to incentivize new users to hodl?

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


Thanks for asking our community for suggestions.

I do think we shouldn’t force anyone to HODL HIVE ( in other words stake their HIVE by powering up ). Currently HP holders get inflation rewards and more curation rewards. If anyone feels like they can be with HIVE for long term then they’ll stake their HIVE.

I’ll think more about this and get back with more ideas 💡

I don't want to force that on anybody.

My idea is to educate them and show them what hodling and having skin in the game means, as new users don't have knowledge about that topic.

I want them to embrace hodling and have some rewards for that.

I think I got one idea, but I am still trying to figure out how it will work. I will need to ask a few experienced users for their opinions.

Feel free to come back and brainstorm us :)

My idea is to educate them and show them what hodling and having skin in the game means, as new users don't have knowledge about that topic.

I agree. Educating about skin in the game is important. However it’ll be a challenging one..

I rehived this post to bring more people’s attention

It is a big challenge, but I want to try and make it work. Small steps can change things on a big scale. #butterflyeffect

Thanks for rehiving, much appreciated!

HODL mentality is something challenging to teach.

It might be best to reward them with some other hive engine tokens for HODLing HIVE

I totally agree but if it is not challenging, is it worth it? :))

I will try my best and I know many people will help me if I manage to make it work to benefit our community.

That's a really good idea with Hive tokens. I will keep that in mind.

Thanks for stopping by!

The focus should be on curation/consumer rewards I think?

Earning HIVE/HP and STEM (at least) for curating content you enjoy - what's not to like!?

They will get incentives with post/comment upvotes.

I am trying to figure out how to make new users to power up and not to sell for $$$.

You know how it is with new users. We all been there :))


They actually get the APR when they power up their HIVE. You can show the APR of a bank FD and APR on Hive power up then they will know the difference.

Yap, but it seems that's not enough for them xD