How can I bring my 50k followers on Hive?

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Heyo o!

I'm lately thinking, planning and strategizing on how to bring my followers on Hive. I just don't want to write a post and beg them to come because it is better. I want to tell them why is better, why is this the future and how can we grow as a community.


I have a science page and group on Facebook so these people will mostly be interested in science which is good because we have STEMsocial community here that can be of great help in onboarding them.

I already tried to onboard them but it was a quick call for them to see if they're even interested. I got a lot of them interested but at the end, only one person joined.

I believe only one joined because I had no tactics and strategy to make them a bit more interested so I want to change that now.

I am surely gonna continue once-a-good project of sharing Hive science posts on FB to 50k people. But, I also want to make this bigger and more serious.

My ideas are giveaways (monthly?), contests, twitter/facebook initiatives, and many more that could possibly motivate people to stay here long term. So, if any whale is reading this, Imma probably be knocking on your Discord doors to ask for some help.
I will also get back in touch with STEMsocial and see what we can do and what ideas they have.

This post is more like me talking out loud and asking for your help to tell me what are incentives that can be used to bring people on Hive.

If you want to check what am I talking about, check out my page Science Adventures and group Science TALK and if you're interested, hit that Like/Follow/Join Group button :)


Once again, can you help me with a bit more serious ideas that will incentivize people to join our beautiful Hive blockchain?

What else can I do except for giveaways and contests?

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


Your efforts appear to be focused on education.

A good technique might be to present Hive as a platform for learning about cryptocurrency and monetary systems.

Do you have a web site?

It is usually considered bad form to use a social network platform to promote another. I believe that Facebook has a history of acting against groups that they feel are promoting financial schemes. They would probably classify Hive as a financial scheme.

If you have a personal site; then you can load the personal web site with the onboarding information.

PS: Do you know any of your followers personally? I think the easiest way to onboard people is with face to face direct communication.

It is more about science as my followers are 90% about science.

Yap, FB already banned me twice for promoting crypto.

Nah, I don't know them personally, that's the issue here :( I need to try me best to make this look easy and incentivizing for them.

Peace yo!

Facebook does not like people who promote alternative social media sites, but they are okay with people who promote personal web sites.

So, I think the best approach is to create a personal web site that sits between you and facebook. The personal web site would have the onboarding scoop.

Having a personal site might help you interface with other scientific groups.

Some scientists like programming, others like math. I think the mathematics of the rewards pool is quite interesting.

From a programmer's perspective, the ability to access the data in the rewards pool is interesting.

i would do this

open a community with the same name / or start sharing posts from hive on the group. posts with good payouts

ask a whale to delegate to them some sp when they join in /maybe curate community.
use the onboarding affiliate tracking service to track who signed up.

if no whale responds to your call i will delegate 1k sp for 6 months to you or 100sp for first 10 real user u bring in. that's all i can do.

I will not open a new community, I want to bring them on STEMsocial. And yes, I plan to contact a lot of whales to see if they wanna help.

Thanks A LOT for your offer! I really appreciate that and hope that whales will answer. Will see :)

Thanks for your input and generous offer!

Peace yo.

You weren't trying to advertise about Crypto, just posting advocacy stuff? Do you happen to have a record of what they made you take down? I ask because this kind of stuff is all useful to the court case I'm working on. Details below.

And here’s my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we’re suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

ps i tried something similar :P on reddit it dint work .

I feel for you. I work with an individual who had over 1 million followers on his Facebook Page. That was deleted one night without warning or strikes. Facebook lied to the press and said there had been strikes and even that my friend had posted what would have been illegal material in the UK. I was an admin on that page and lost my Facebook account at the same moment. It was clear we'd never posted what they accused us of because had we ever done that, the screenshots would have been on the cover of the UK's newspapers within hours.

His audience isn't crypto and even though I set up and manage his presence on Hive, we haven't moved a large number of people onto Hive. We do use Steempress comments on his primary website and get a reasonable number of those via their non-Hive account interface.

As far as I'm concerned, the entire key management system, the proliferation of choice in how to handle keys (Keychain Hivesigner PeakD) and the variety of front ends is confusing. I don't have an answer but it is worth raising this.

OMG :( Similar thing happen to me when I started posting about crypto. I got banned 2 times in a month and after that, I got shadowbanned for almost a month. LOL

It's hard to get those FB people here :D But also, I think it is easier than when I tried a year before. It feels that more and more people are getting fed up with FB. But, also they are stuck in a routine so it's hard to get them out of there :(

Yeah, I will need to figure something out so they can learn faster and easier about how to use our blockchain.

Thanks for your input!

Well the STEMsocial community of course: more people to discuss with. You can also share a digest of posts they may find, offering connections to several authors, etc.

This is a very quick answer as I am currently fried due to work, but feel free to reach me out at the end of the week for a better and calmer discussion on this.


Of course! You know I'm doing this to bring them on STEMsocial, that's my primary goal.

Thanks for the input. I'm going to lay everything on paper and see what can bring people here and I'm gonna send it to you. Then we can start talking about what can be done and if we can implement some of your and STEMsocial ideas.

Gimme a bit time because I don't wanna miss something and I wanna make it really good this time.


Please take your time. I am quite overwhelmed too at the moment ^^

Great post. Have you used the Hive Referral program yet? This could help you make a good strategy:

wut! I didn't even know this exists. Thanks a lot!

Education. Open up a Discord server and link it to the community page and program life regular talks there. Invite experts to give talks. Maybe doing so using 3speak streaming services would also work. If you provide what they want they will come. I would say, giveaways is the starting point. Then you need to work on good community content.

I want to bering them on STEMsocial discord so I won't do a new discord server. That's a good idea to bring some experts to go live on @vimm or @threespeak.

Thanks for your input!

Thanks for your contribution to the STEMsocial community. Feel free to join us on discord to get to know the rest of us!

Please consider supporting our funding proposal, approving our witness (@stem.witness) or delegating to the @stemsocial account (for some ROI).

Please consider using the STEMsocial app app and including @stemsocial as a beneficiary to get a stronger support. 

Much appreciated!