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RE: FOSS suggestions please!

in Ask the Hive3 months ago

Seconding/thirding KDEnlive and Krita and OBS!

There's a freeware version of Komodo Edit (or maybe it's called Komodo IDE, the one I use is called Komodo Edit) for the types that like coding, which I'm only bringing up in case the design stuff includes web/interface design.

In my personal experience I've found GIMP better for photo editing (it can be done in Krita as well) so would recommend that for photos.

And I haven't used Inkscape much but that's pretty good for vectoring and svg.

Are you including Thunderbird with your Firefox coverage?


Definitely gonna include GIMP. I just didn't list it. I need to try KDEnlive. I have heard good things. I hadn't heard of OBS or Krita before though!