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RE: How can I bring my 50k followers on Hive?

in Ask the Hive5 months ago

Well the STEMsocial community of course: more people to discuss with. You can also share a digest of posts they may find, offering connections to several authors, etc.

This is a very quick answer as I am currently fried due to work, but feel free to reach me out at the end of the week for a better and calmer discussion on this.



Of course! You know I'm doing this to bring them on STEMsocial, that's my primary goal.

Thanks for the input. I'm going to lay everything on paper and see what can bring people here and I'm gonna send it to you. Then we can start talking about what can be done and if we can implement some of your and STEMsocial ideas.

Gimme a bit time because I don't wanna miss something and I wanna make it really good this time.


Please take your time. I am quite overwhelmed too at the moment ^^