When the Market doesn't come to HIVE; HIVE comes to the Market

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HIVE to Tokenise Comments for (established) Brands, Companies and Services. Services includes (but not limited to): Review services, News services, Magazines, Company blogs, Community blogs and any Social Network, whether they are large or small.

When the Market doesn't come to HIVE; HIVE comes to the Market

HIVE is so much more than the Blogging services and the home grown services we all know, like @PeakD, @Hiveio, @Ecency, @Threespeak, @Splinterlands and @NFTshowroom. In one or the other way, HIVE tokenised these services in various forms. But, HIVE can tokenise so much more! HIVE has the ability to tokenise any service around the world that includes some form of social element. Though HIVE has this ability; HIVE is not easy to find for outsiders.

And believe you me: Most of the the 8+ billion people on our planet, and more than 300 million companies around the world, are blind to HIVE.

And even when HIVE is discovered, it is not easy to discover how HIVE works, to understand how to get the most out of HIVE, to figure out who to work with at HIVE, to determine what needs to be done to integrate HIVE.

When the Market doesn't come to HIVE; HIVE comes to the Market!

As with any startup company, onboarding of new services requires a business-2-business (b2b) approach in a well organised setup, with the ability to deliver everything a customer needs to say 'yes' to working together and making things happen.

Everything starts with bringing the right people together. With a team we shall organise ourselves to effectively launch a new startup initiative.

Though I believe the proposition as you can see in the video, is something companies and brands can be interested in, as a team:

we need to create the best proposition we can make

we need to convert this into great promotion and sales collateral

we need to actively approach launching customers

we need to run integration projects and add the technology that is required for such integrations

we may even need to drive support for needed but missing features on the HIVE chain

needless to say

we also need to find ways to fund the whole operation

let's organise ourselves in ways we never done before

let's bring HIVE to established brands, companies and communities


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Good points made here.

 last year (edited)


Interested to help organise ourselves and start a (maybe the first ever) B2B approach in the HIVE ecosystem?