What do you think will be the biggest invention in 2050?

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The advancement of technology has changed the world. In ancient times people did not even know the use of fire, people ate everything raw. After the invitation of fire, it seems that this is the biggest invention in the world. The world moved to the new civilisation. Since then people have been moving towards new inventions.


There is debate about what is the biggest invention in the world so far. Many people believe that electricity is the biggest invention. On the other hand, many people think that computer is the best invention. These are all things we know and are quite old discussions. Then what will be the best invention of our future. I am setting the target of 2050. Let’s think about the below question.

What will be the biggest invention of technology in 2050?


I am thinking time travel. But that might be even take much more time than that but either way who knows future may surprise us in several ways.

That’s great thinking. I wish I could experience this invention.

Let's hope it's the one about telepathic communication! With the problems of internet, light and gasoline in my country, Venezuela, it would be the only way to be able to communicate! :(

Great thinking.