Apple or Other Companies? Why?

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In our current state of the world in 2020, there are tens if not hundreds of various companies producing the same products whether it be laptops, watches (or smartwatches now), headsets, earphones and obviously smartphones.

Some argue that X company is better than Y company, because... they've been with X company longer than Y company. Or it's a bandwagon effect. "Most people use company X's product, therefore, I must use one of them as well." or even a confirmation bias down the road. "Yes, I am using this product and I paid good money for it, therefore it should be the best one."

If you are a little tech-savy, you probably understand where I am going with my current post.

Apple currently owns more than 50% of the market share when it comes to smartphones with more than a few dozen companies sharing the rest. Today, I would like to ask you all as most of us probably have some sort of a go-to company for all tech-related needs. Some prefer Samsung, some prefer Sony etc.

And finally, the question(s).

Are you using an Apple product? If yes, why not other companies who mostly provide the same service/product for cheaper prices? If no, Which company do you prefer and why?


No, I'm using a 5 year old android phone running Android 6. I don't necessarily prefer it and I'm getting a bit fed up with it at this point, it only has 16gb of storage and is always full. It's a Huawei P8 in case you're wondering. I bought it at the time because it was £180 ~ £220 (I can't remember and I don't have the receipt) but it offered decent specs for the price and had come down by £50 recently (and my old phone got a bit of no-case floor treatment and the screen failed, so that's why I have my current phone).

Desktop operating systems, I've always been a Windows user, with PCs I was either given (or my current one, which I built myself) - I like the fact that I get to pick and choose what to put in it, and I find assembling it part of the fun! I have got my laptop dual booted with Ubuntu though I rarely use it, as I have windows set up the way I like it. I really should give other stuff a try but I'm too lazy 😂. And the PCs have no set brand.

When I ditch this phone (probably when the iPhone 12 releases), it will be @someguy123's fault, because he's basically convinced me over to the dark side. I've always been apple-free, but gradually someguy has made me rethink my decision. If he's a paid marketer for apple, great job! If not, he really needs to start charging commision ngl.

Funnily enough, your scenario is very similar to mine. All my life, I've been an "specs guy" - however, thinking about switching to iPhone for the ecosystem/ease of use myself in the near future.

Pesky @someguy123. Infects everyone who goes near him with the Apple ecosystem...

If @someguy123 doesn't buy me an iPhone and you don't make me enough to buy a lambo, it'll be both your heads.

Comparing specs doesn't make much sense if it is iOS vs Android because iOS will always come optimized for the hardware so it can have the same or even more performance with inferior specs.

Yes I am. Mainly because of their ecosystem. imessages on my laptop and ipad + making calls from facetime on my laptop and ipad are amazing. I don't need to have my phone on me to use it's main features. I can get similar functionality on android with jenky apps, but its just so much smoother with the apple ecosystem.

Also cuz of @someguy123 and his praise of their security and we all know how much he cares for security.

Hey rishi, so your reason is the "Ease of Use" right? Especially throughout the ecosystem on Apple. Would you prefer switching over to Android and Windows if we were to say a much cheaper solution is there with a relatively okay experience and not janky as it is for the time being? I am saying in a year, maybe two, maybe a few more. Or would you like to stay with Apple because of thing such as; "I've been an Apple guy all my life."

I’ve been with Apple for a little over a year actually. I was using jenky texting apps that didnt always work to text from my laptop. Pictures wouldn’t show up, it would take up to a minute to show up. With Apple, it’s all instant. No solutions for calling. If there was a way, even paid at a decent price, I would love to switch back. So many things I miss from Android. And with windows adding their Linux support, it makes dev even easier.

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Apple currently owns more than 50% of the market share

This quote is wrong. Apple doesn't have 50% of the market share, they have more than 50% of the industry's revenue, which is different. Market share is almost a monopoly for Android.

Are you using an Apple product? why not other companies who mostly provide the same service/product for cheaper prices?

Yes, I am using Apple products. My next phone will probably be an Android but Apple products are better because Apple easily integrates new features into its entire line of products, Android doesn't always work as good and the implementation of new features in Android isn't as smooth. Also, iOS is a very secure system while Android has a lot of horror stories from all sorts of hacking. iOS respects privacy, for the most part, Android doesn't.