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RE: How can I bring my 50k followers on Hive?

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I feel for you. I work with an individual who had over 1 million followers on his Facebook Page. That was deleted one night without warning or strikes. Facebook lied to the press and said there had been strikes and even that my friend had posted what would have been illegal material in the UK. I was an admin on that page and lost my Facebook account at the same moment. It was clear we'd never posted what they accused us of because had we ever done that, the screenshots would have been on the cover of the UK's newspapers within hours.

His audience isn't crypto and even though I set up and manage his presence on Hive, we haven't moved a large number of people onto Hive. We do use Steempress comments on his primary website and get a reasonable number of those via their non-Hive account interface.

As far as I'm concerned, the entire key management system, the proliferation of choice in how to handle keys (Keychain Hivesigner PeakD) and the variety of front ends is confusing. I don't have an answer but it is worth raising this.


OMG :( Similar thing happen to me when I started posting about crypto. I got banned 2 times in a month and after that, I got shadowbanned for almost a month. LOL

It's hard to get those FB people here :D But also, I think it is easier than when I tried a year before. It feels that more and more people are getting fed up with FB. But, also they are stuck in a routine so it's hard to get them out of there :(

Yeah, I will need to figure something out so they can learn faster and easier about how to use our blockchain.

Thanks for your input!