Please what is the name of this shape?

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I know it is weird but I genuinely don't know the name of this shape.


I didn't either. Had to look it up. It's a capsule or in geometric terms a Sphereocylinder.

Thanks man. I appreciate

Weird dick shape? :D Aka "The Thicc Rocket"

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Fuck. Why didn't I think of that?


Eclipse. Thought about this. Let me look it up

Ellipse not eclipse tho

3D-Structure of a cylinder

Yeah, when it is revolved 360, it turns into a cylinder

Duh..its clearly a circle

Sherrup 😒


It's an oblong shape mate. Some call it "race course" but in essence, an elongated circle with straight edges like what you have.

In a thesis, do you think I should refer to it as an oblong shape or capsule?
It's just a cut out from a design software. When I revolve this, it forms a 3-D capsule.

What is the context? Can't you just say it's a top down 2D plane view of the capsule?

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Yeah I think this works. In engineering, we call it the Plan View of the capsule. 🤔.

Yeah I meant plan view, damn autocorrect haha. Use that instead, plus it adds more to your word count rather than just "oblong" 😁

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True that. Thanks man

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😁 You can name it as an Ellipsoid shape of a missile with an area of 111,400 (no units). LOL

Hive a nice day!

Sounds about right. My at just started and I'm taking a shit, afterwards, I go for a jog. Hive a nice day to you too 😁