Robotic Surgery Technology- A Game Changer for Patient Safety and Surgeon Proficiency

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Robotic Surgery Technology- A Game Changer for Patient Safety and Surgeon Proficiency


In an exciting new development, robotic-surgery platforms are being deployed with new precision that makes surgery in these delicate areas more safe. Surgeons used to have to make large openings in patients to see their work, and robotic-assisted surgery allows for minimally-invasive procedures that a surgeon can see through a camera. Healing time may be reduced and the robot will communicate precise information to the surgeon to use.

Robotic surgery is a computer and robot-aided method to complete surgery. During the process, a surgeon uses robots that are inserted into the body to complete surgery. The positives of this development are that the technique can be minimally invasive for the patient, the surgeon’s precision is improved due to the augmented view the robot sensors can produce and more real-time information can be processed. In essence, the robot is a powerful tool that can enhance the dexterity and the precision of a surgeon. The instruments used through robotic surgery are more steady and have much more dexterity including a greater range of motion that enables a surgeon to be more safe and effective.

One of the most famous robotic-assisted surgery platforms is the Da Vinci System, created by Intuitive Surgery. The platform allows a surgeon to perform minimally invasive surgery through small incisions. The movement of the robot is fully controlled by the surgeon, and the tool allows the surgeon to have increased range of motion and precision. It is amazing that we are now able to overcome the weaknesses of humans when it comes to performing surgery, and mistakes can be eliminated during complex procedures.

The new robotic-technology has been deployed at Rhode Island Hospital, and the unit itself targets specific areas in sensitive regions of the body using a system similar to GPS. Robotic surgeries are somewhat commonplace in America. Brain and spinal surgery must be completed in an extremely precise fashion, and this technology could be a godsend for those suffering from epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

More and more procedures will be authorized for robotic surgery in the future. This technology improves patient safety, surgeon’s quality and is a plus for healing as well. As the technology matures, more applications will become approved, and patients will benefit from this.

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